Pedestrian Accident Attorneys


Don’t just speak to any attorney; consult with a pedestrian accident attorney.

Every year, about 5,000 pedestrians are killed in motor-vehicle-related accidents, and another 76,000 are injured. 78 eight pedestrians died in Clark County in 2017, which is a record high (the previous high was in 2015 with 60). That means every five days, at least one pedestrian is killed in Clark County alone.

At Matt Pfau Law Group, our pedestrian accident attorneys are familiar with Las Vegas roadways, Nevada laws, and insurance companies.

We agree with the Nevada Department of Public Safety that pedestrian fatalities and pedestrian injuries are preventable, and there is no acceptable goal but zero fatalities.

Pedestrian injures most often result from being hit by cars or hit by bikes, and there is always some negligence involved. The law demands that motorists act reasonably and with due care for the circumstances they are in. If they fail to do so, and injure someone, the law says they are accountable. A pedestrian accident lawyer can help you hold the motorist accountable and identify the negligence in your case, including the following:

  • driving too fast
  • driving recklessly
  • driving distracted
  • disregarding right-of-way signals and paths
  • driving aggressively
  • driving away from the scene; pedestrian hit and run

Because pedestrian injuries involve a heavy fast-moving object versus a human being, injuries can be wide-ranging and severe:


The sooner you call an attorney, the better off you’ll be. If you do have a legal case, the sooner the attorney can begin building a case, the better. An experienced attorney will begin right away to order and analyze the police reports, gather photos of the accident scene, interview witnesses, collect and review medical records, consult with medical and accident reconstruction experts, and focus on the case itself so you can focus on healing.

We have a goal of helping you recover the maximum dollar. We negotiate aggressively with insurance companies, will file a lawsuit when necessary, and do not fear taking your case to a jury if we can’t get a fair settlement beforehand.

Don’t just speak with any lawyer; consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer. At H&P Law, we know how to represent pedestrian hit and run victims, pedestrians hit by cars or bikes, pedestrians hit while in a crosswalk, or pedestrians hit while on a sidewalk or roadway.