Can You Sue a Hotel in Las Vegas for Third-Party Violence?

Hotels in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada are not immune from violence that can happen on their premises. Third-party violence on hotel properties is common, and it is essential to know your rights if you are a victim.

If you were hurt on the hotel’s premises due to third-party violence, you might be wondering, “Can I sue the hotel for my injuries and losses caused by third-party violence?” In a nutshell, the answer to this question depends on the foreseeability of the incident. Our Las Vegas premises liability lawyers at H&P Law can explain what makes an incident on the hotel’s premises foreseeable and ensure that you obtain fair compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Common Types of Third-Party Violence on the Hotel’s Premises

There are several common types of third-party violence that can happen in hotels:

  • Assault is an intentional physical harm that makes you fear for your safety.
  • Battery is an intentional, harmful contact with your body without your consent.
  • Sexual assault occurs when someone forces sexual contact against your will.
  • Robbery refers to taking property from you without your consent by using threats or force.

Unfortunately, third-party violence is not a rarity in Las Vegas hotels. However, it does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation if you were hurt as a result of violence by a third party on the hotel’s premises.

NRS 651.015 and How it Applies to Hotels in Nevada

NRS 651.015 outlines the responsibilities of “innkeepers,” including hotels and motels, to maintain a safe environment for their guests. It states that hotel owners are liable for injuries sustained by guests if the injury occurs in a place where the owner had control and had a reasonable opportunity to exercise such control. To exercise control, the hotel owner must use reasonable care in providing and maintaining safe conditions.

Under the aforementioned law, hotels and innkeepers are liable for the injuries and deaths on their premises caused by “foreseeable” wrongful acts as well as injuries and deaths that occur because the hotel failed to exercise due care for the safety of its guests, patrons, or other individuals on the premises.

Can You Sue a Hotel in Las Vegas for Third-Party Violence?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit against a hotel in Las Vegas for third-party violence. If you were hurt on the hotel’s property due to third-party violence, you could sue the hotel owner or its insurer to recover damages. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and any other losses resulting from the incident.

To win a lawsuit against a hotel, you must prove that the hotel had a duty to protect you from harm, the hotel breached that duty, and that the breach caused your injury. You must also establish that the occurrence was foreseeable and that the hotel owner or management was negligent in not preventing the incident.

How Can You Prove That the Incident Was “Foreseeable”?

To prove that an incident was foreseeable, you must show that the hotel knew or should have known about the potential harm. In other words, the hotel must have been aware of prior incidents or have enough evidence to recognize that such threats were likely to happen.

There are several pieces of evidence you can use to show foreseeability, such as:

  • Security camera footage of prior incidents
  • Police report or hotel incident reports
  • Complaints from previous guests or employees
  • Security logs or policies that show a lack of security measures

It is also essential to show that the hotel had enough time to prevent the incident but failed to take any action. If the hotel had enough time to beef up security, change policies, or display warning signs but didn’t, it could be an indication of negligence on its part.

Get the Legal Assistance You Deserve

If you were hurt in a hotel in Las Vegas due to third-party violence, you might have the right to sue the hotel for damages. However, you may be required to prove that the incident was foreseeable in order to obtain the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers at H&P Law can assist you with filing a lawsuit against the hotel and pursuing compensation for your injuries and losses. Call (702) 598-4529 to get a free case evaluation. 

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