Settling Personal Injury Claims Involving Minors

When any accident occurs, the victims and their loved ones are all seriously impacted. When disaster strikes, families often describe feelings of desperation while trying to care for injured loved ones and trying to find balance with new and old obligations. While the after-effects of serious accidents are always difficult to deal with, there is often an added layer of difficulty when minor children are involved. In fact, claims involving minor children often settle for a variety of reasons. 

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Court Approval

Ordinarily, the court does not intervene in the terms of personal injury settlements. In addition, settlements are typically upheld as long as the terms are not illegal or otherwise against public policy. However when a minor suffers an injury, the individual who seeks to settle a claim must obtain court approval to enter into a settlement. This is done by filing a petition with the court with the help of your personal injury attorney. There are certain contents that must be included in the petition, which include the proposed terms of settlement, release of liability, and how the funds will be distributed.

Appointment of a Guardian ad Litem

While the law allows for a parent, guardian, or other qualified individuals to negotiate settlement on behalf of the minor, it is most concerned with what is in the best interests of the minor child. For this reason, the court will appoint a Guardian ad Litem in personal injury settlements that involve minors. A Guardian ad Litem is a court appointed individual who is responsible for reporting certain findings to the court. When a guardian is appointed in personal injury settlement claims, they will be responsible for reporting their opinion as to whether or not the proposed settlement is in the best interests of the minor child.

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There are many unique considerations for personal injury actions in which the minor child is a party. Although these types of cases are unique, it is just as important to file an action on behalf of your minor to recover the costs expended and ensure financial stability for your loved one’s future. You need an attorney in your corner who is experienced in pursuing compensation for young accident victims. The attorneys at Matt Pfau Law Group are equipped to handle your minor child’s unique case. For a risk-free initial consultation, contact us today.

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