Casino & Hotel Accident



Casinos, like any business that invites the public through its doors, owes a duty to its guests to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition to prevent casino injuries to their guests.

Casinos are not immune from lawsuit, and they don’t have such deep pockets and powerful attorneys that an individual cannot possibly hope to recover. To the contrary, with a good casino accident attorney on your side, you can have full access to the legal system and find justice for your case.

An accident on the Las Vegas Strip is analyzed the same way as any other premises liability case, whether it is an injury in a casino, injury in a hotel, or an injury outside on one of the Strip properties. A casino injury typically results from one of the following scenarios, all of which can be a basis for suing a casino for negligence:

  • the hotel/casino does not have adequate preventative or reactionary procedures when fall hazards do occur, like inspecting the area regularly, guarding the area until it is cleaned, and posting highly visible warning signs;
  • the hotel/casino does not provide adequate security in an area where attacks are known to happen;
  • the hotel/casino uses flooring made of shiny hard material, like marble, that gets very slippery when wet;
  • the hotel/casino purchases and makes available for use to their patrons equipment or furniture that is defective and has hidden dangers; and
  • many many more.

If you’ve been hurt in a casino, it’s possible the casino may try to offer you a small sum of money ($750 or less) to have you settle your case. If they do, that most likely means they recognize the value of your case and want to prevent you from hiring an attorney. If this has happened to you, (1) don’t accept it!, (2) don’t be insulted—this is a good thing. They want to close the case before you can talk to an attorney and realize the real value of your case.

If you’ve been the victim of an accident on the Las Vegas Strip and think you may have been a victim of hotel negligence, and are wondering whether you need to sue the casino to get compensated, you should consult with a casino injury attorney to see if you have a case. At H&P Law, we know your legal rights and are happy to explain them to you.