Nevada Casino Charged $8 Million for Serving Customer Chemical Cleaner

We are seeing more and more lawsuits alleging that a plaintiff was served something that was not a potable drink and sustained serious injuries as a result. In one case, a dishwasher fluid that looked a lot like cranberry juice was served to a customer. In this recent case, a customer was served cleaning fluid as opposed to beer from a tap. The taps were closed for cleaning at the time, something that employees either knew or should have known. The customer sustained permanent injuries as a result of the incident. He no longer has his sense of taste and suffers from stomach ulcers. He is also at increased risk of developing cancer. 

The casino admitted liability for the incident and offered the defendant a settlement of $300,000. The plaintiff rejected that settlement and took the case in front of a jury. 

Analyzing the Verdict

Although the casino admitted it was responsible for the injuries to the plaintiff,  they did try to minimize the plaintiff’s damages. The defense believed that the plaintiff’s case was worth about $300,000. A jury came back with a verdict of $8 million. 

How Injured are You?

In most cases, a settlement figure or jury award is tied to your injuries, whether or not those injuries prevent you from working, and how reduced your quality of life is because of those injuries. The level of negligence and the severity of the injury, in this case, was extreme. The consequences of that negligence are permanent. Ultimately, the jury found that plaintiff suffered $8 million in losses.

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