Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Nevada?

It is no secret that Nevada is known for its beautiful weather—always clear and sunny. With this type of weather year-round comes significant heat, and sometimes drivers try to come up with unique ideas to stay cool and comfortable while behind the wheel. This may include kicking off your shoes while driving. While many believe that driving barefoot is against the law, there are no state or federal laws prohibiting drivers from going barefoot.

Barefoot Driving

While some people cannot drive without shoes, others are much more comfortable driving barefoot. Safety concerns can arise when driving bare-footed as there is a risk of foot and toe injuries as well as the chance of your foot slipping off of the pedal; the person’s comfort may make them a safer driver. Just like there are no laws banning a driver from getting behind the wheel shirtless, driving barefoot is perfectly legal in Nevada and other states across the nation. Depending on the level of clothing—or lack thereof—the person may risk violating laws against lewd or obscene acts (which are criminal charges).

Nevada has no law against driving barefoot. If you are more comfortable driving without shoes, you are perfectly allowed to do so under the law. If police authorities observe that a driver is operating their vehicle in an erratic or aggressive way, or if the driver is lewdly exposing themselves while driving a traffic stop and arrest is likely to occur. The most common reasons for traffic stops in Nevada include speeding, aggressive driving, and moving violations.

Deciding What (Not) to Wear

Barefoot driving can be considered an assumed risk, but, in the end, driving without shoes is a personal decision. The same is true for driving without other clothing. What can be dangerous, however, is when a driver chooses to multitask, such as changing or removing clothing while the vehicle is in motion. While driving around without shoes or a shirt is likely not an issue, driving completely naked is probably a crime. This is particularly true if a driver operates the car in a way that exposes their naked body to others—particularly minors—as this can result in severe penalties and mandatory sex offender registration.

It is critical for drivers to keep in mind that as much as comfort is important, so is their safety and that of others on the road. If someone is not paying attention and trying to change shoes or clothing while driving, a rear-end crash or other collision could happen.

Determining Fault

If you were recently involved in a Nevada car accident due to the fault of another, it is critical that you establish the other driver was at-fault for the crash and your resulting injuries. Evidence that is typically used includes police reports, video footage, witness statements, and other information.

Nevada Car Accident Lawyers

If you recently suffered severe injuries in a Nevada car accident caused by another driver, the experienced attorneys at H&P Law will help you hold the at-fault driver accountable for your damages. Our firm has years of experience representing the injured across the state of Nevada. We will guide you every step of the way. Contact us today.

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