Bicycle Safety in Nevada

It is no surprise that bicycles are both a cost-effective and healthy manner in which to travel. Cycling is also eco-friendly and has many health benefits. It is critical, however, to look at bike accident statistics and take the necessary precautions to mitigate the risks involved in this type of transportation. If you or someone you know has been involved in a bicycle accident in Nevada, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

Nevada Bicycle Accidents

In 2019, there were nearly 900 cyclists killed in car crashes in the United States. 10 of these deaths were in the state of Nevada. While Nevada’s bicycle deaths may seem like a small percentage of national bicycle accident fatalities, any death is one too many. Nevadans, especially those located in Las Vegas and Reno, should be aware of these dangers as 71% of bicycle accidents happen in urban areas. According to researchers, most accidents happen between 6pm and 9pm at night. 

Las Vegas is the third most dangerous city for cyclists, according to the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Southern Nevada. Moreover, the most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas include:

  • Las Vegas Boulevard at Caesar’s Palace Drive;
  • Nellis Boulevard at Cedar Avenue; and
  • Las Vegas Boulevard at Flamingo Road.

The three most dangerous roads for cyclists in Las Vegas are Charleston Boulevard, Flamingo Road, and Las Vegas Boulevard. Other roads that experience high accident rates include Sahara and Tropicana Avenues. Studies show that when a cyclist and vehicle are involved in an accident, the cyclist has an 89% chance of survival if the crash happens at 25 MPH. Conversely, a cyclist only has a 35% chance of survival if the crash happens at 45 MPH.

Bicycle Safety

Understanding bicycle safety is important for everyone on the road. That being said, it is also vital for cyclists to take precautions to lower their risk of serious or fatal injuries while riding their bicycles. This is because unlike neighboring southern states, Northern Nevada has added risk for cyclists when biking during the fall and winter months. The most common Nevada bicycle injuries include:

  • Spine injuries;
  • Head traumas;
  • Skull fractures;
  • Ruptured discs;
  • Contusions;
  • Concussions;
  • Fractured bones; and
  • Injuries to internal organs.

As much as 60% of deadly bike accidents result from brain and head trauma. This is why it is critical to wear a helmet and safety gear when riding a bike in Nevada or anywhere else in the country. Following traffic safety rules such as staying in a designated bike lane, using correct hand signals, putting reflectors on the bicycle, and wearing bright or reflective clothing will help. But motor vehicle drivers also have a duty to remain aware of cyclists that share the road with them. Drivers should obey posted speed limits, give cyclists enough room, and drive defensively to avoid crashes. 

What to Do if You are Injured in a Bicycle Accident

If you are in a Nevada bicycle accident, first scan yourself for any injuries and immediately seek medical attention. This may mean waiting for emergency responders to administer medical care at the scene. Once you have sought treatment, contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at H&P Law. Our lawyers understand how difficult an accident can be — financially, medically, and psychologically — and we will fight to secure the compensation you deserve. Contact our Hendersen or Las Vegas office today to schedule your initial case evaluation.

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