Is it Legal to Have an Open Fire Pit in Las Vegas?

According to Nevada regulations, it is illegal to burn any combustible material in an open fire. In other words, it is illegal to have an open fire pit in Clark County. That being said, there are exceptions to this rule. Under these exceptions, a party must give advance notices to the Department of Air Quality (DAQ) in order to obtain approval.

When an Open Fire is Allowable

The DAQ has the authority to approve applications only under the following circumstances:

  • When the DAQ control officer determines there is no other safe method for the disposal of the combustible, dangerous, or explosive material or another safe method for the disposal cannot be reasonably obtained;

  • Small fires for educational, ceremonial, recreational, and cooking purposes as well as for the warmth of humans as long as they do not create a public nuisance;

  • When the fire is started by officers of governmental agencies in the performance of their official duties or for training and instruction purposes of fire-fighting and fire-rescue personnel;

  • When the fire is set on a field that is used for growing crops and is used in the process of disposing of unused portions of a crop and intermingled weeds that are a result of agricultural operations;

  • Domestic burning of material that originally came from the property, not including garbage, where the property is used exclusively as a private home or dwelling and there is not a collection service available for the material being burned.

Beyond needing an approval from DAQ, which will only be approved under the above scenarios, the individual seeking to have an open fire pit must also obtain a fire permit from the local fire department.

Exceptions to the Procedural Requirements

There are exceptions to these rules, however. Advance notice, as well as DAQ approval and a fire permit, is not required when the open fire involves:

  • Small fires that are used for the purpose of educational, ceremonial and/or recreational purposes;

  • The fire is being used for the warmth of human beings including outdoor fireplaces, barbecues, and fire pits;

  • The fire is used for preparation of food on private grills, barbecue pits, or outdoor fireplaces.

Even if the burning is permitted under the law, the fire must be controlled in a manner so that the air pollutants created does not create a public nuisance or a traffic hazard.

Fire Related Injuries

Nevada injuries resulting from burns from fires can be both traumatic and life-changing. Burn injuries can happen anywhere, at anytime, and to anyone. If someone has an open fire pit in Las Vegas the fire may spread outside of the pit, causing a dangerous fire to nearby brush or even the home. At least half a dozen people died in Southern Nevada in 2017 due to fire-related injuries including burns and smoke inhalations. The recovery time for a fire-related injury can be extensive and require long-term rehabilitation. Other times, the harm can be so bad from the fire that it results in death.

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