Five of the Most Ridiculous Lawsuits You Have Never Heard of

The Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) has come out with its list of the most ridiculous lawsuits of 2016. Below are five of the cases that made the list, and details on the facts and outcomes of each one. While many of the lawsuits on the ILR’s list are laughable, they are also a reminder of how some abuse the legal system to target businesses in search of damages.

  • A $5 million class action suit has been filed against MasterCard for advertising a charitable promotion raising funds to benefit cancer research. The lawsuit bases its grounds on the fact that the credit card giant continued to advertise the fundraising promotion after it had met its $30 million fundraising goal. The case is currently pending in Manhattan federal court.

  • A Long Island high school junior sued the College Board because a typo on her SAT exam gave her and other students five more minutes to take the examination. The relevant section of the exam was thrown out and the students were given a chance to retake the SAT at no cost. Nonetheless, the case is ongoing in New Jersey federal court.

  • A plaintiff described by Indiana justices as a “prolific, abusive litigant” has filed several lawsuits in Marion County against a Massachusetts resident over the sale of a black and white printer on Craigslist. The defendant had spent $12,000 in legal fees and was facing a $30,000 breach-of-contract judgment after nearly seven years in court litigating the case. The judgment was later vacated by an appeals court.

  • A DeKalb County jury found a Georgia woman only 8% at fault for an accident in which video surveillance shows she was distracted by her cell phone when she walked into a ladder and hit her head outside of a grocery store. The woman was awarded a $161,000 verdict and the sign company was held responsible for the damages.

  • A Wildlife photographer was sued by PETA over a selfie he took with a crested black macaque in Indonesia after the monkey had grabbed his unattended camera. The case, which was tossed out by a judge, is being appealed by the animal rights group.

Other ridiculous lawsuits that were initiated last year include Starbucks being hit with two class action claims over how much coffee was in their cups. One lawsuit claims there is a quarter inch too much steamed milk instead of hot coffee while the other alleges there is too much ice in the iced coffee.

While the above-mentioned lawsuits are likely baseless and may end up being dismissed by a trial or appellate judge, not all lawsuits are ridiculous. If you or someone you know have been injured due to the fault of another, believe you have been discriminated against, or have any other legal issues that need to be addressed, you should contact a knowledgeable attorney. The lawyers at Parry & Pfau have years of experience providing legal guidance to clients in the greater Nevada area. To speak with an attorney, call (702) 879- 9555 today.

(image courtesy of Steven Diaz)

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