Personal Injury 101: Family Purpose Doctrine

Today’s Personal Injury 101 topic is a touchy one, the family purpose doctrine.

This is the legal theory which makes a family member liable for the negligent conduct of their child or other family member driving their vehicle with permission. The car must be owned, provided or maintained by the parent for the communal use of family members.

In addition, the driver (child or family member) must have the consent of the parent at the time of the accident or incident.

Did you know when you sign your child’s driving permit or driver’s license, you are assuming responsibility for their behavior out on the open road?

If your child was involved in a collision, contact our office. The legal issues surrounding teenage drivers and their parents are confusing, complex and frequently change.  Our team at Parry & Pfau will expertly navigate through the process.


Zachariah B. Parry is an attorney and founding partner at the law firm Parry & Pfau and is an adjunct professor who teaches torts, contracts, and Nevada practice and procedure for UNLV’s paralegal program. He can be reached at 702-912-4451 or [email protected]

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