Car Accident Flowchart and Infographic

On average, 74 car-accident related injuries occur every day in Nevada alone. For general information on what to do if you are in a car accident and suffer personal injuries, read our FAQ. To get a general idea whether you need an attorney to help pursue your claim, there are several considerations, including when the accident occurred, the extent of the injuries and medical bills, and how much insurance coverage the responsible party has.

So you have a general understanding of the factors attorneys consider, we have prepared the flowchart below. And although we believe it will help guide you in your decision making process, there is no substitute for an in-person consultation with an attorney regarding the specific facts of your case. If in doubt, give Parry & Pfau a call, and we will gladly provide a free confidential consultation.

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[June 9, 2014 Edit: Thanks to attorney George Trachtman for pointing out an error and attorney Donald Kudler for pointing out omissions in our infographic, which have since been fixed.]

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