The Future of 2021 Personal Injury Litigation: Part II

As we look back to 2020, legal industry experts are predicting what we can expect in 2021 within the scope of personal injury law. Some trends were provided in our last post regarding several aspects of the legal field, according to a recent article published by Law.com. With the continued effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lag in the law in response to societal trends, 2021 and the next few years are sure to be interesting. Below are some additional predictions regarding personal injury law in 2021.

  • New types of distracted driving: With newer technology being put into vehicles as a standard feature, and the combination of autonomous vehicles on the road, how we drive will continue to change in 2021 and beyond. These advances will change where to draw the line when it comes to liability on the part of the vehicle manufacturer versus the vehicle operator. 
  • Workplace environment: A large amount of the nation’s labor force continues to work from home. As a result, home injuries during working hours will continue to rise. In order to determine how these injuries will be defined, courts will have to focus on the relationship between the employers and remote workers. This will shape and guide both employment law and how these cases are litigated. It will be interesting to see how the law evolves around this particular issue. Likewise, the “gig economy” is continually growing and will likely result in more scrutiny for the sector overall, and likely more lawsuits;
  • Complexity of drones: Now more than ever, people across the country are using drones. Part of the reason for this is that drones are being built with better tech and are increasingly affordable; some drone models cost less than $100. The drone community, however, is becoming increasingly more aggressive in hacking software and also flying the drones in dangerous ways to test current laws. Because there is no training on how to operate a drone, each flight creates a high risk of a personal injury. As a result, an increase in drone-related litigation is likely in 2021.
  • Consumer habits: The manner in which people consume products has been forever changed. The entire world, it seems, lives on Amazon.com now. While the growth in this company is no surprise, the amount of growth experienced during the COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented. The manner in which we continue to use Amazon will keep evolving, as will areas of liability for this global logistics company.

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