Highest Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlements in 2022

When someone is involved in a Nevada slip and fall accident, the injuries that result can cause physical, mental, and financial suffering. Depending on the severity of the harm, a victim’s life can be significantly altered, affecting their ability to enjoy hobbies, be active, return to work, or even perform their activities of daily living. Consequently, slip and fall accident settlements and verdict awards can be large amounts to properly compensate for damages suffered. Below are a few of the highest 2022 slip and fall lawsuit compensation amounts from across the country.

  1. Georgia: $15 Million Award for a Fall off of an Examination Table

A Georgia truck driver went to a medical clinic for a routine physical, including needing blood withdrawn from some evaluations. While at the clinic, the office employee advised the truck driver to sit on the examination table while blood was going to be drawn. After the clinic employee finished, she turned away for a moment while reaching for a band-aid. At that very moment, the driver passed out and fell forward, breaking his neck. He was left paralyzed and unable to perform his daily tasks without assistance. Attorneys argued that he should have been lying down or sitting in a chair with armrests to avoid falling. 

  1. Nevada: $13 Million Award for a Slip and Fall at a Lowe’s Home Center

A woman was shopping at a Las Vegas Lowes Home Center when she slipped and fell on a wet substance on the floor in the store’s gardening department. There were no warning cones in plain sight about the hazardous condition. The victim suffered a skull fracture, and brain hemorrhage, resulting in chronic headaches and neck pain, as well as anxiety and depression. 

  1. Virginia: $12.2 Million Award for Convenience Store Slip and Fall

A woman slipped and fell, suffering injuries while shopping inside a gas station convenience store due to a leaking awning that caused a puddle at the front of the store’s entrance. The woman fell forward and landed on the floor, hitting her chin and chest, resulting in brain injuries and seizures. 

  1. Colorado: $10 Million Award for Walmart Slip and Fall

Another woman slipped and fell on a grease spill at the megastore. Despite the company’s attempt to deny there was any spill on the ground, the evidence showed otherwise and that the store’s management and employees failed to take reasonable care of the guests. The store also did not have any warning signs posted regarding the slippery surface.

  1. Alabama: $7.5 Million for Walmart Slip and Fall

In this slip and fall accident, a man was reaching for a watermelon in the produce section of the mega grocery store and tripped. He then got stuck in a wooden pallet used to move groceries, which was hidden underneath the box holding the watermelons. No signs were posted warning customers of the condition. The man fell and broke his hip

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