Deadly Crashes: 2021 Nevada Traffic Statistics

It is no secret that 2021 was a difficult year, even after following 2020, for many Nevadans and Americans across the country. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation, unemployment, and other issues affected everyone. One such important issue is traffic accidents and deaths. In fact, 2021 turned out to be one of the deadliest years when it comes to traffic-related fatalities over the past 15 years. As many as 26 traffic deaths occurred in December of 2021 alone, and 382 traffic fatalities occurred in the entirety of 2021. This result is an 18% increase from the number of deaths in 2020 and a 21% increase from the fatalities recorded in 2019. Moreover, according to the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety (NOTS), the top reasons for traffic-related fatalities included speeding and impaired drivers. While the number of deaths increased, the NOTS also reports that there was a decrease in deaths of unrestrained passengers from 2020 to 2021.

In Clark County, which holds about two-thirds of Nevada’s population, there was similarly a rise in fatal traffic accidents: 38% in 2021 when compared to 2020. In Nevada’s second largest populated area, Washoe County, there was actually a 16% decrease in fatal car accidents from 2020 to 2021, according to NOTS. The more rural counties, however, still experienced an increase in deadly car accidents.

Nevada Wrong Way Crashes

Unfortunately, 2022 is off to a bad start with the death of four individuals who were involved in a wrong-way crash South of Las Vegas on Interstate 15. According to Nevada state law enforcement, a person driving a Cadillac entered the southbound lane heading northbound and crashed with a pickup truck, which caught on fire killing everyone inside. The driver of the Cadillac also died in the crash. Other injuries occurred to those not involved in the crash due to having to swerve around the collision site. Nevada authorities believe that high speed as well as impairment may have contributed to the deadly accident. 

Wrong way crashes are more common than we realize and Nevada is not immune to this tragic trend. While there are many contributing factors to wrong way accidents, the most common include sleep deprived drivers, impaired drivers, and speeding drivers. In an effort to combat wrong-way accidents, many highways have been equipped with flights and ramp signs to warn motorists that they are going the wrong way. Despite these efforts, however, news reports state that wrong-way crashes present an increasing problem in Nevada, sometimes occurring on a nightly basis. According to an 8 News Now report, 100% of the deadly wrong way crashes that occured in 2017 were the result of impaired driving; in 2019, impaired drivers caused 90% of fatalities in wrong way crashes. 

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