Boulder Highway Accident Leaves Five Dead, Others Injured

A fatal car accident that happened on US95, south of Boulder Highway, left five dead and at least three others injured, according to reports by the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP). The crash involved vehicles and bicyclists, according to news reports. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. 

The Accident

The deadly crash occurred at mile marker 35, which is located between the turn-off for Searchlight and Nelson Road/SR165, according to news reports. NHP initial reports state that a group of about a dozen cyclists were traveling southbound on US95. The group was using a Subaru hatchback as a safety vehicle. Suddenly a white box truck, which was traveling in the same direction as the group, drove into the cyclists’ lane. Authorities do not know why the vehicle drifted into their lane, striking and killing five cyclists and injuring three others, including the driver of the Subaru. The driver of the box truck, who NHP states is cooperating with the authorities’ investigation of the fatal collision, was not injured. Law enforcement do not believe impairment was a factor that contributed to the crash.

Nevada Bicycle Safety

Statistics show that 800 cyclists were fatally injured in car accidents in the state of Nevada in 2016. In 2017, nearly 34,250 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2017 nationwide and as many as 783 bicyclists died in bike accidents that same year. 328 lives were lost in traffic accidents, including 6 cyclists in Nevada in 2017. Crash statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTS) show the following regarding bicycle accidents:

  • 71% of bicycle accidents happen in urban settings;
  • More bicycle accidents happen between 6pm and 9pm, no matter what season;
  • 4% of bicycle accidents occur in a bike lane;
  • 58% of cycling accidents do not happen at an intersection;
  • Most bicycle accidents happen on roads with posted speed limits between 35 and 45 MPH;
  • 51% of bicycle accidents happen during the daylight hours.

The most common reason for bicycle accidents include rider error such as failing to yield the right of way, riding against (instead of with) traffic, and failure to obey traffic signals or laws. Of course, driver error on the part of the vehicles also contributes to bicycle accidents.

Cycling in Las Vegas

24/7 Wall Street reports that Las Vegas is the third most dangerous place for cyclists. Moreover, when a cyclist and passenger vehicle collide, the cyclist has a near 90% survival rate if the crash happens at 25 MPH but only a 35% survival rate if the vehicle is traveling at 45MPH. Las Vegas has some of the most dangerous intersections of bicyclists. Specifically, these include:

  • Las Vegas Boulevard at Caesars Palace Drive;
  • Nellis Boulevard at Cedar Avenue; and
  • Las Vegas Boulevard at Flamingo Road. 

Moreover, the three most dangerous roads for cyclists include Las Vegas Boulevard, Charleston Boulevard, and Flamingo Road. Other streets that have high accident rates for cyclists include Tropicana Avenue and Sahara Avenue. That being said, there are several safe places — mostly bike trails — where cyclists can safely and comfortable ride in Las Vegas. These include:

  • Historic Railroad Trail;
  • Burkholder Trail;
  • Cornerstone Park;
  • Union Pacific Railroad Trail;
  • Pittman Wash Trail; and
  • Wetlands Park.

We Can Help

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