With Spring Break Comes Increase in Accidents

Each Spring Break there is an increase in accidents and injuries across Nevada due to speeding, reckless driving, drug use, binge drinking, and impaired boating among other reckless behaviors. When millions of teenagers and college students are out of school and looking to have a great time, they travel across the country (and world) for a good party. Each year during this time, crowds of young people head to popular areas–including those located in Nevada–to celebrate the week of no exams, homework, or classes. 

Common Spring Break Accidents

For many, the week of Spring Break can result in serious injuries or even fatalities depending on the recklessness of behaviors. Those who indulge in these behaviors during Spring Break are at a higher risk of being involved in serious accidents, petty crimes, and physical assaults. In fact, drug use and binge drinking are responsible for many Spring Break deaths including drug overdoses, balcony falls, alcohol poisonings, boating injuries, and drownings.

  • Car accident deaths: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that drivers under the age of 25 are nine times more likely to be involved in traffic fatalities during Spring Break. Approximately one person dies every 31 minutes, on average, due to a drunk driving accident. These types of fatalities increase by 23% during Spring Break.
  • Boating Accidents: It is no surprise that alcohol and/or drugs do not mix well with boating. During Spring Break lakes across Nevada are full of underage boaters and jet ski operators as well as those who are impaired while on the water. Reckless behaviors on bodies of water can result in serious injuries including concussions, broken bones, limb amputations, and even deaths.
  • Drinking and/or drug use: It is common for binge drinking and drug use to happen on a regular basis, particularly among college students. Statistics from Spring Break show that female students drink up to 10 drinks each day while male students drink up to 18 drinks per day. Drugs being used during this time include cocaine, ecstasy, opioids, and others. Engaging in these activities can result in serious injuries or even death.
  • Drownings: Because Spring Break activities often take place around water–both outdoors and on private property–drowning accidents are common. Many times these deaths can be attributed to excessive use of drugs and alcohol.

Spring Break Accident Damages

When a person suffers harm from an accident in Nevada due to the fault of another, they can go after monetary compensation for past and future losses by way of a personal injury lawsuit. The damages sought are referred to as compensatory, and consist of economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are losses that can easily be identified with a dollar amount such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and loss of earning capacity. Non-economic damages are those that cannot be easily assigned a dollar value such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and disfigurement.

Hire a Nevada Attorney

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