What to Do if You are Involved in a Nevada Tour Bus Accident

It is a regular sight to see a tour bus drive down the streets in Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada. Whether this tour bus is taking visitors to one of the many hotels or casinos on the Las Vegas Strip or driving down I-580 toward beautiful Lake Tahoe, these tour buses can be seen all around the state of Nevada. While these tour buses are great for the local economy, providing significant revenue for cities as well as the state, they can also create hazards for other drivers on the roadways.

Tour Bus Accident? What to Do

If you are involved in a Nevada tour bus accident,  there are many things that you should do:

  • Get medical care: The most important thing to do first is seek medical treatment from a professional for your injuries. You should be checked out even if you initially feel like you were not hurt. Often injuries manifest in the few days after a crash. Depending on your injuries, you may require rehabilitation and therapy due to a long recovery. 
  • Document the accident scene: Do this as soon as possible. This could mean taking photos and/or videos of the tour bus, other vehicles (if involved), tire marks on the road, and anything else that would be helpful to record what happened. 
  • Get witness information: Get the names of the other passengers on the bus and the bus driver. If any other vehicles are involved, get the information from the other driver and passengers, as well as any passers-by that witnesses the accident.
  • Assess the damage: If you suffered property damage then you should get estimates of how much it will cost to repair or replace those items. Also look for any receipts related to when you purchased them. You may have insurance coverage on these items and will need this to do so.
  • Stay organized: Keep detailed notes and records of all medical visits. Also, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to treatment. This will help establish your injuries, symptoms, and its relation back to the tour bus crash. 

While you may not have the energy or the time to worry about a personal injury lawsuit, this is exactly why you should contact a Las Vegas accident attorney as soon as you can after a Nevada tour bus accident.

Tour Bus Risks

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), nationwide more than 700 million passengers are transported by buses each year. While most travel to and from their destination safely, there are thousands of injured passengers and hundreds of deaths caused by bus accidents. 

Larger vehicles such as tour buses have a higher likelihood of being involved in a fatal crash, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT). One of the reasons behind this is the sheer weight and size of tour buses. Unfortunately, most deaths resulting from a tour bus accident are passengers in other vehicles or pedestrians. While it is true that not all tour bus crashes result in death, the recent Grand Canyon tour bus roll-over — which left one dead and dozens injured — is an example of what can happen in this type of crash. 

Get Help From an Experienced Attorney

Determining fault in a Nevada tour bus accident is critical to getting the monetary compensation you deserve for harm suffered. The skilled Nevada personal injury attorneys at H&P Law know how to gather relevant evidence and hire experts to build the best case for their injured clients. Contact our Las Vegas or Henderson office today to consult with one of our experienced lawyers about your rights and obligations under the law.

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