Vehicle Strikes Pedestrian in Las Vegas

Local authorities rushed to the site of a car accident in response to a call that a pedestrian was hit in Las Vegas, according to a report by The Las Vegas Sun. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) responded to the scene of a pedestrian accident on Las Vegas Boulevard in response to  a call received around 1pm on April 24, 2021. A 20-year-old pedestrian was walking near the intersection of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard when the person was struck by a car, according to reports. The accident victim was transported to UMC Trauma Center for medical treatment. While the accident remains under investigation at this time, it was reported that the driver of the vehicle — a Nissan — that struck the pedestrian remained at the scene and cooperated with local police.

Nevada’s “No-Fault” System

Nevada is an “at-fault” state. This is different from “no-fault” states, like Florida, where an injured motorist can contact his or her own car insurance company after an accident and file a claim, regardless of who caused the crash. Nevada, on the other hand, follows tort rules that allow an injured accident victim to sue the driver who caused the crash for monetary compensation. Many times those injured in Nevada car accidents can also get their medical bills paid out by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Because Nevada is an “at-fault” state, it is critical that an accident victim collects sufficient evidence at the scene of the crash to establish fault.  For this reason, if you are involved in a car accident, you should try to do the following to protect your rights under Nevada law:

  • Contact local law enforcement right away so they can go to the scene of the crash. A police report is vital to establishing what happened: the date, time, and place of the crash; identities and insurance of those involved; as well as witnesses and any statements. 
  • Document the scene by taking pictures and video footage. Walk around each vehicle involved and take photos from different angles on your smartphone if you can. Likewise, take pictures of the area such as tire or skid marks on the road or grass. If there is other property damage, photograph that, as well. Ask someone else to photograph you if you have visible injuries;
  • Get information including the names of any eyewitnesses to the accident as well as their contact information. You should do the same for any other drivers and passengers involved in the accident.

Seeking Monetary Compensation

There are many ways in which a pedestrian can seek monetary compensation for injuries suffered in a traffic accident. Unlike no-fault insurance coverage, a settlement based on the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy or a jury award won in civil court after a trial can offer a wide range of monetary compensation for an accident victim. This may include lost past and future wages, out-of-pocket crash-related expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, as well as costs of medical care and rehabilitation.

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