Traveling by Car for Spring Break? Follow These Road Tips

Even though gas prices are at all-time highs, Americans across the nation are taking road trips for the Spring Break holiday in an effort to feel “normal” after the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you and your loved ones are planning on taking a trip and decide to drive there, the below tips on road trip safety should help keep you and your family safe so you can enjoy a good time. 

Road Trip Tips

It is no surprise that Spring Break is a great time to vacation and create memories. Many people–including college students and families–take the week to go on trips across the country and even internationally. If you are planning on taking a Spring Break road trip, follow the below tips to help stay safe.

  • Ensure Vehicle Maintenance: Before getting out on the road, be sure to perform basic routine vehicle maintenance to prevent unwanted delays as well as dangerous driving conditions. Your checklist of vehicle maintenance should include checking and/or changing the oil, inspecting the brakes, replacing damaged wiper blades, cleaning windshields and windows, inspecting and/or replacing the air filter, inspecting tires, making sure all lights are working and checking your car battery’s life.
  • Check Weather Conditions: Extreme weather, which can suddenly change, can affect road conditions in just a matter of minutes. Before going on a road trip, check the weather for your planned route as well as your destination. Be very careful if you encounter, or expect to encounter, floods, snow, rain, extreme heat, or high winds. 
  • Plan Your Driving Route: To avoid a difficult road trip, plan your driving route before you head out. Stay away from heavy traffic as well as construction areas. Be sure to include multiple rest stops on your route. Check gas prices on your route and plan for optimal stops. 
  • Keep an Eye Out for Others: There will be a larger amount of people out during Spring Break as compared to other times of the year, so be sure to keep an eye out. More people means more cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and young children. Be particularly cautious in areas where there is a high density of pedestrians when you are driving.
  • Safe Driving Habits: Safe driving practices are critical for staying safe on the road, especially during holiday times that have larger crowds out and about. Make sure you use safety belts, focus on driving, stay sober, stay rested, stop on red, and stay within the speed limit.
  • Beware Construction Zones: Construction work areas can be dangerous for drivers, particularly if they are unfamiliar. If you are in a construction area be sure to follow all posted signs, stay within the posted speed limit, leave space between cars, expect surprises, pay attention to your surroundings, and remain calm in the chaos. 

Above all, be sure to enjoy your Spring Break road trip. The journey can be as fun as the destination. Planning ahead of time will make the trip and vacation fun for everyone. If you or someone you know has been hurt while on vacation in Las Vegas, contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at H&P Law. Our lawyers will work aggressively to get the best results for your case. Contact us today for your initial evaluation. 

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