Thinking of Negotiating Your Own Settlement? Think Again

If you have been hurt in a Nevada car accident, you are likely dealing with car insurance companies. You may also be thinking about negotiating your settlement for damages on your own. After you file an insurance claim you may have received a call from an insurance adjuster with an offer to settle your claim. While this may seem enticing, there are several good reasons why you should not try to negotiate your own settlement. The amount of compensation you receive is critical to your being able to fully recover from your injuries – medically and financially. A Nevada personal injury attorney will help push back on the insurance company’s lowball offers and protect your rights under applicable law. 

Pennywise Could be Pound Foolish

You may think that dealing directly with your insurance company will save you time and money, but doing so could result in significant mistakes that may cost you much more in the long run than what you may be saving in attorney’s fees. This is because insurance companies are not built to pay out large amounts in compensation for claimants. Instead, these companies–as well as their representatives and adjusters–are interested in reducing payouts and maximizing company profits. Simply put, these representatives work hard to get claimants to accept a settlement offer that does not cover all of the losses resulting from the crash. A skilled Nevada personal injury attorney will protect your interests and fight for every dollar you deserve. 

Insurance Companies are Not Your Friend

Shortly after your accident you may receive a letter or call from an insurance adjuster or company representative — all still while you are recovering from the accident. The initial call or letter may be accompanied with a settlement offer. Typically, this initial offer is a lower amount than the claimant would get if he or she negotiated the settlement on his or her own. Likewise, this initial offer is generally lower than what the insurance company would have offered if a lawsuit had been filed. Once an insurance company has gotten a claimant to agree to an offer, and signed the paperwork, the person loses his or her right to demand more monetary compensation at a later time. 

Even if the insurance company or adjuster seems concerned about a claimant’s needs or even acts friendly, understand that these people work for the insurance carrier and not you. In fact, any statements that a claimant makes, verbally or in writing, can be used against the person later in the case. When a person is represented by an attorney, he or she does not need to comply with these requests. 

Know How Bad Your Injuries are

One of the main reasons why an insurance company wants to settle accident claims early is because the claimant may not have a full understanding of his or her injuries. The person may need more time away from work than anticipated, and symptoms may appear late or even worsen over time. If this happens, then the expenses a claimant is incurring–medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, surgical fees, and others–will continue to rise well after the settlement has finalized. 

Our Attorneys can Help

At H&P Law, we will work hard to represent your interests and protect your rights. We have represented the injured across the state of Nevada and will do the same for you. Contact one of our attorneys at our Las Vegas or Henderson office to learn how we can help.

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