The Most Dangerous Roads in America

While any road can be a risk to personal injury when drivers are negligent or driving conditions are poor, some roads in the United States are particularly dangerous for a variety of different reasons. Read on for information on some of the most dangerous roads in America.

Colorado’s US Route 550

While this road’s official name is US Route 550, legend has it that the route was dubbed the “Million Dollar Highway” after an early traveler stated they would need to be paid one million dollars to drive it again. Cutting through the San Juan Mountains, the risks of personal injury on this route are numerous and include steep cliffs and tight turns.

In addition, this road climbs drivers over 11,000 feet above sea level. Harsh winter storms, falling rocks, and landslides occur frequently and can strand drivers who are not adequately prepared or experienced. In addition, many sections of the route do not have guard rails of any kind.

Florida’s US Route 1

In many ways, Florida’s US Route 1 is dangerous for reasons completely different from Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway mentioned above. US Route 1 is extremely straight, causing drivers to routinely push the envelope and reach dangerously high speeds that leave them at greater risk of personal injury. In addition, the southern end of the road system consists of many miles of bridge driving, which can be particularly distracting or unnerving for some drivers.

Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana holds the Guiness World Record for the longest bridge over water in the world. While some drivers are enthralled with the experience of driving on this bridge, for many others the experience can be particularly unsettling, especially when there is no land in sight.

In addition to the psychological impact of driving on this bridge, there are many practical challenges that make this roadway particularly dangerous. High winds and dense fog can envelope this road in a very short period of time, reducing visibility to the point that emergency service vehicles often need to escort drivers across the bridge.

Florida’s Interstate 4

Florida’s Interstate Highway 4 leads drivers on a direct route through Orlando, which is one of the most highly populated tourist destinations in the world. The high number of travelers who rent a car they are not familiar with contributes to the large number of accidents experienced on this road. In addition, distracted driving and Florida’s tendency for severe weather can prove additional factors that make this roadway one of the most dangerous in America.

When to Call an Attorney

When drivers are involved in an accident and suffer personal injury, their ability to recover financial compensation for damages incurred will hinge on their ability to prove the other party’s negligence above and beyond factors such as bad weather.

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