The Holiday Season: A Time for Increased Risk of Nevada Accidents

Across the United States, the holiday season means extra shopping as well as travel and gatherings with friends and family. Indeed, this is a time for making memories with those you care about and ringing in the new year. Unfortunately, with all these good tidings and cheer comes a higher risk of accidents. 

Be More Aware During the Holidays

While there are several factors that typically contribute to accidents and the resulting injuries, below are the situations in which you should be most aware of your surroundings — driving, shopping, and walking.

More Drivers, More Accidents

Not surprisingly, when the holiday season arrives, more and more drivers are on America’s roads. According to studies, approximately 55 million people travel by vehicle just during Thanksgiving week. With more drivers behind the wheel, the risk of being involved in an accident also increases. In addition to more drivers during the holidays, the change in weather also plays a key role in driving safety across the nation. While many parts of the country see cold weather, Las Vegas can be known to experience rain and even snow in the winter months. Inclement weather causes slippery road conditions, making travel – even at normal speed – more dangerous. Finally, holiday celebrations often mean consumption of alcoholic beverages as part of the festivities. With the spike in drinking – the Wednesday before Thanksgiving  can be one of the busiest bar nights in the year – the possibility of more impaired drivers on the roads is high. This can be a recipe for more accidents. 

Holiday Shopping by the Masses

Black Friday has been around for years and has earned a reputation for being one of the best times to get great deals on tons of household goods. That being said, it is also a popular time to be out on the roads, with large crowds of shoppers who may be aggressive, over (or under) caffeinated, and looking to score the best deal. Crowds make the shopping experience more treacherous, including increasing the risk of slips or trips and falls as well as other accidents. The stores will be at or beyond capacity, as will restaurants and other places. This combination makes it easier for locals and out of towners alike to get hurt.

Walking Around and Staying Safe

The holidays are not the most pedestrian-friendly time for people out and about. This is due to many factors including an increased consumption of alcoholic beverages, more vehicles on the roads, and more pedestrians on the streets and sidewalks. While the pedestrian fatality rate in Nevada has dropped 25% from 2018 to 2019, there were still 41 pedestrian deaths as of October 2019. Pedestrians must be aware of their surroundings, walk carefully, use crosswalks and intersections, and be ready to react quickly.

We can Help You

While no one wants to deal with a personal injury, especially during the holiday season, accidents do happen. The Matt Pfau Law Group hopes that you and your family have a happy and safe holiday season. If you or someone you know has been hurt in Nevada due to the fault of another, contact our skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorneys today. We will explain your rights and obligations under the law and fight for the monetary compensation you deserve.

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