Signs of Elder Abuse in Nevada

For the average American, our future lives are seen through rose-colored glasses. We assume we will have enough money to retire comfortably in a home we own, that our health will not deteriorate, and that our loved ones will open their homes to care for us if needed. The reality, however, is that nursing homes exist in large part to compensate for this false sense of security.  When signs of nursing home abuse become apparent, it can further compromise the trust we place in long-term care facilities.

A recent report by the news outlet US News and World Report indicates that there are 66 nursing homes throughout the state of Nevada. Out of these facilities, only 13 (about 20%) received a 5 out of 5 rating by the site. While the report does not mention nursing home abuse allegations as part of its ranking system, it stands to reason that lower quality facilities may be more at risk for misconduct.

When signs of abuse are present, families of elders in the facility’s care often decide to elicit the services of an experienced local nursing home abuse attorney. These legal professionals can help families understand the legal processes involved in civil litigation. A major component of a successful nursing home abuse lawsuit will be proving to the court that the facility acted in a negligent manner.

Nursing home abuse can take many different forms, and some of these are easier to spot than others. By developing a better understanding of the most common types of nursing home abuse, families can be better equipped to spot abuse early and take appropriate action. Read on for tips on spotting common types of nursing home abuse.

Physical Nursing Home Abuse

Physical signs of nursing home abuse tend to be the easiest for families to detect. Unexplained bruises, lacerations, and a generally disheveled appearance are all signs that a nursing home resident is being subjected to physical abuse. In addition, if a resident’s medication is being improperly administered (or not administered at all), this can constitute physical elder abuse.

Emotional Nursing Home Abuse

While physical nursing home abuse manifests bruising and other visible indicators, emotional nursing home abuse often does not and is therefore harder to detect. Examples include yelling, threats, and social isolation. When emotional abuse is suspected, families are advised to consult with a nursing home abuse attorney as quickly as possible.

Financial Nursing Home Abuse

National data indicates that the average annual cost of a nursing home stay in the United States is $105,850 per year. Needless to say, it requires significant financial resources to maintain a prolonged stay in a nursing home. Negligent staff and facilities may be tempted to take advantage of residents’ finances by forging checks, using bank account information, and overcharging for services that have not actually been provided.

Using Legal Counsel

Going up against nursing home facilities can be a challenge for the average family. For years, the attorneys at H&P Law have been helping nursing home abuse victims in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada as they navigate this process. Contact H&P Law today to get insight into your case.

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