Residential Slip and Fall Locations: Know the Risks

As any experienced personal injury attorney can attest, the fundamental principle underlying premises liability laws in Nevada is that homeowners have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests. If property care or warning is not given and a slip and fall accident occurs, the victim may be able to sue for damages. Read on for information on common slip and fall locations on residential property.

Powder Rooms and Bathrooms

Bathrooms and powder rooms pose an ongoing threat to personal injury from slips and falls for many reasons. For example, using sinks to wash one’s hands or for other purposes risks dripping onto the floors, creating a slippery environment for walking and standing.  

In addition, people can lose their balance while getting on and off the toilet or in and out of the shower or bathtub. Grab bars should be mounted near toilets and on both the inside and outside of a tub and shower. In addition, non-slip mats, strips, or carpeting should be placed on any surface that may get wet, which helps reduce the risk of slipping. Finally, make sure a night light is used at night to aid inhabitants as they enter the bathroom during the night.

Stairs and Hallways

Losing your balance on the stairs can lead to significant personal injury if the proper safeguards are not put in place. Homeowners should ensure that handrails are installed and tightly fastened on both sides of the stairs. Inhabitants and guests should subsequently use the handrails when going up or down and be mindful of how much they can carry while walking safely up and down the stairs.

There should also be adequate lighting with light switches at the top and bottom of a staircase and on each end of a long hallway. Walkways, halls, and stairs should also be kept free of any items that can pose a tripping hazard to inhabitants. If the walkways or stairs are carpeted, homeowners should ensure that the carpet is firmly affixed to the floor so that users cannot trip on loose ends.


Every bedroom of the home should have night lights and light switches installed close to the bed for easy access. In addition, a flashlight should be kept by the bed in case the power goes out and you need to get up and around the room. A telephone should also be kept close to the bed in case an inhabitant needs to use a phone at night.

Living Rooms and Other General Areas

There are many risks of slips and falls that are present in various places around a home. For example, electric cords and telephone wires should be kept near walls and away from walking paths to reduce the risk of tripping. All carpets should be secured firmly to the floor for the same purpose.

Furniture, especially low coffee tables and other items, should be arranged so they are not in the way when walking. Frequently used items should be kept within reach, and sofas and chairs should be kept at a height that allows for easy entry and exit.

Professional Legal Guidance

For years, the attorneys at H&P Law have been helping victims of slip and fall accidents in Las Vegas fight for their right to fair compensation for their injuries. Contact H&P Law today for insight into your case.

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