Properly Documenting Your Nevada Accident

The events that happen after a Nevada car accident that resulted in significant injuries can be chaotic. Despite this, it is critical for a car accident victim to document each and every aspect of any injuries suffered. Doing so will secure an injured party’s ability to successfully pursue a personal injury claim. Failure to do so, however, can significantly affect the outcome of a personal injury case.

Get Medical Care Immediately

Immediately after an accident caused by the negligence of another, the first thing an injured victim must do is seek medical attention. The first and most important priority after any accident is ensuring your health as well as physical and mental recovery. Even if you do not think you have suffered serious injuries — or any injuries — you may have. The symptoms of many conditions caused by injuries are often delayed by days or weeks after the accident. Seeking medical attention promptly after experiencing an accident can eventually show the seriousness of injuries first considered as minor or even identify possible unknown injuries. Seeking treatment right away also establishes that an accident happened and your intention to treat your injuries. Failing to see the doctor can cause an issue with proving to an insurance company that your injuries were directly caused by the accident.

Organize Your Medical Files

Once you have had an initial visit with a treating healthcare provider, ask for a copy of each and every medical record detailing the care you received after your accident. You should ask for all documents, even if there are many forms that are associated with the healthcare you receive. This is because each piece of evidence will be valuable to your personal injury attorney and help build up your case. You should have the following in our medical files:

  • Initial treatment records;
  • Medical bills and expenses;
  • Insurance questionnaires and documents;
  • Explanation of benefit letters;
  • Medical test results; and
  • Medical imaging results.

It is important to know that medical expenses are a critical part of the compensation that an injured victim can receive in a personal injury claim. 

Document, Document, Document

Be sure to carefully photograph and videotape your injuries, regardless of how minor you may think they seem, throughout the course of your recovery. Additionally, start taking pictures of your injuries as soon as you have them. Make sure to carefully store and save each photo and video that you take and make backup copies, if you can. Also ensure to record the date the photos and videos were taken. In addition to documenting your injuries, you should also document the accident scene. This includes any damage that happened to the vehicles involved, other property damage, street lighting of the accident scene, and any road hazards that were present at the crash.

Nevada Attorneys

If you have been involved in a Nevada accident, the experienced personal injury lawyers at H&P Law can help seek the monetary compensation you deserve. Documenting your injuries, the accident scene, and keeping track of your medical records will help push for a better result in your personal injury case. Contact our Las Vegas or Henderson office today to schedule your initial case evaluation. 

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