Pressure Ulcers Caused by Neglectful Care in Nursing Home

Pressure ulcers, also called bedsores, are a common occurrence in nursing facilities across the country. These painful sores can become infected and may contribute to a patient’s general health decline and death. Pressure ulcers may be a sign of nursing home neglect, and they are usually preventable. If your loved one has suffered pressure ulcers while under the care of a nursing home, then he or she may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Reach out to experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys today for assistance. 

Pressure Ulcers May Indicate Neglect

Pressure ulcers are small but painful sores that appear on areas of the body that come into continual contact with bedding or other items. The sores begin as red marks, but can quickly worsen. When they deepen, the skin breaks open, and they can become easily infected. Caregivers of elderly or other non-mobile people should be watchful for these sores on their patients, and should do everything possible to prevent them from occurring.

Prevention of Pressure Sores

Because of their serious medical consequences, the prevention of pressure sores on nursing home patients is essential. Staff members must be vigilant in repositioning residents who are unable to move by themselves in bed. This will greatly reduce the possibility of the formation of bedsores. Caregivers must be trained to catch the signs of pressure ulcers, especially in their first stages. It is easier and more effective to treat a newly formed pressure sore than one that has already broken the skin. If a pressure ulcer is noticed, immediate evaluation and treatment by a physician is warranted. This is true even of small, stage I bedsores.

Pressure Ulcer Treatment Plan

Those who are vulnerable to infections should be careful to prevent the formation of pressure sores. Once they appear, it can be quite difficult to treat them. A pressure ulcer treatment plan is the best option for those who are bedridden or otherwise at risk. Anyone who has already been diagnosed with a pressure sore must get prompt treatment. The treatment plan should include how to prevent the sores from forming, and exactly how to handle sores that have already presented themselves. If your loved one is not receiving the care he or she requires in a nursing home setting, that may constitute negligence or even elder abuse. 

Neglectful Care

Neglectful care can cause bedsores to form and to worsen. If a pressure sore forms on an elderly nursing home resident due to inadequate patient monitoring and supervision, that is elder abuse. When pressure sores are not immediately noticed. This can cause them to deepen, and makes treatment much more difficult. All too often, a nursing home does not report a bedsore quickly enough, and does not seek medical treatment for it. This is a mistake that can be costly to the patient. Bedsores can break the skin and become infected. The infection is often hard to get under control, especially in older individuals. The infection can spread to the bloodstream, causing a dangerous and life-threatening infection called sepsis.

If your loved one suffered with pressure ulcers as the result of neglect in a nursing home, contact a skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorney today. Contact Matt Pfau Law Group today to learn how we can help guide you through pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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