Potentially Responsible Parties in a Truck Accident

If you have been injured in an accident with a truck, you may be wondering who can be held liable for your losses. The answer is not simple and depends on the facts of each case. If you or someone you love has been involved in a truck accident, contact the Nevada traffic accidents attorneys at H&P Law.

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Who is Responsible After a Truck Accident?

When a truck accident occurs, occupants of other vehicles are usually the ones who sustain severe injuries or die in the crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), occupants of other vehicles accounted for 71% of all fatalities in truck accidents in 2020. Below are the parties that may be responsible for damages resulting from a truck accident.

The Truck Driver

The first party to consider is the truck driver. The driver must possess the proper licensure, training, and experience to operate a commercial vehicle safely. If it can be shown that the driver was negligent or careless in operating the truck, they can be held responsible for any damages they caused. Additionally, if it is found that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, they are likely to bear responsibility for their actions, as well.

The Other Driver

If another driver is involved in your accident with a truck, such as a car or a motorcycle, you would also want to consider their role in causing your injuries and property damage. Depending on the circumstances of your crash, this other driver may have been acting carelessly or recklessly while driving and could potentially share responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of their actions. 

The Trucking Company

The company that owns or operates the truck involved in your accident may also bear liability for any damages sustained by you and any other crash victims. This is because companies are legally required to ensure that all trucks are roadworthy and properly maintained before being sent out on routes. If it can be proven that negligence on behalf of this company led to dangerous conditions which caused your accident, they could be held liable for resulting damages caused by their employees or vehicles.  

The Manufacturer/Maintenance Company/Loading/Shipping Company

Faulty equipment or improper maintenance can also play a role in causing serious accidents involving trucks. In these cases, negligence on behalf of either a manufacturer (of faulty parts), maintenance crew (for failing to properly repair parts), loading company (for improperly loading cargo), or shipping company (for not adhering to safety regulations) could lead to them being held accountable for any resulting losses due to their careless behavior. 

Contact H&P Law to Determine Liable Parties in Your Case

Determining who is responsible for an accident involving a commercial vehicle is not always easy. However, understanding who may potentially hold liability after such an event is key when seeking compensation for any damages sustained during your crash.

It is important to contact an experienced traffic accidents attorney who has handled similar cases when determining who should bear responsibility for liabilities stemming from your incident with a truck. An attorney will help ensure you receive just compensation and justice following such an unfortunate incident. Contact H&P Law to discuss the details of your case and identify liable parties. Call (702) 598-4529 to schedule a consultation. 

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