Personal Injury on Public Property in Las Vegas

For residents in cities and towns all across America, publicly owned property provides a combination of goods, services, and recreation for patrons. In Las Vegas specifically, in addition to the services of buildings such as City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce, parks such as Ansan Sister City Park, Bob Baskin Park, and Lorenzi Park allow children and families to enjoy the great outdoors. When accidents occur on government property that cause personal injury, residents may be confused about their rights and how the litigation process works in these cases.

When it comes to bringing a case against the government, working with an experienced personal injury attorney is an absolute must. Our professionals will work with you to better understand the circumstances surrounding your accident and discuss your options for pursuing litigation to recover damages incurred as a result.  

While some personal injury cases may be relatively straightforward, they are often more complicated. In addition, the government’s legal defense team is likely going to attempt to show that they were not at fault for the circumstances leading to your injury. Therefore, it is important for Las Vegas residents to understand the process of showing fault when accidents occur on public property.

The Need to Show Fault

Nevada law sets out the need for a plaintiff to show that the government body was at fault for the circumstances that led to your personal injury. Showing fault can look differently depending on the case, but typically you and your personal injury attorney will work to show that the government entity failed to maintain safety measures, inadequately trained their staff, or knew of the need for repair to buildings or structures but failed to make these repairs in a timely manner.

For example, let’s say you are leaving the Las Vegas City Hall and you slip and fall while still on their property. An investigation of the incident shows that the floor was wet due to a leaking pipe under a water fountain, and the government was informed of the need for this repair weeks ago.  In this case, you are likely going to be able to show that the government was at fault for your slip and fall injury, and you will be entitled to receive compensation for damages.

Considering Comparative Negligence

In Nevada, courts also look at the overall picture in personal injury cases. In other words, if your actions also led to your injuries, then overall compensation amounts can be lessened to an extent relative to your level of negligence as determined by the court. It is therefore advisable to always ensure you are taking reasonable safety precautions when walking on public property.

Choosing the Right Attorney

When going to court against your local government, you need experienced professionals on your team. For years, the attorneys at H&P Law have been helping Las Vegas residents fight for their rights to compensation. Contact H&P Law today to explore your options.

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