Personal Injuries That are Preventable

While some incidents are truly accidental in nature, and as such unpreventable, others result in injuries that could have been avoided. Some of the most common types of preventable accidents that cause harm and result in personal injury claims include:

Car Accidents

Nevada car accidents are perhaps the main cause of personal injuries. Lots of times there are serious car crashes caused by driver error. If the at-fault driver were more careful, the accident could have been avoided. Common causes of avoidable car accidents include:

  • Following too closely;
  • Driving above the speed limit;
  • Running stop signs or traffic lights;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Violating traffic laws; or
  • Not paying attention to others.

Failing to exercise caution puts you and others at a high risk of being involved in an accident. Under Nevada law, an at-fault driver can be held legally and financially responsible for harm caused. 

Work Injuries

Employers across the country have a legal obligation to maintain a safe workplace environment as well as implement workplace policies that prevent accidents. Serious work injuries can happen when an employer fails to meet workplace safety standards. The most common and preventable workplace accidents include those that involve employers:

  • Failing to give workers access to safety equipment;
  • Failing to provide employees with proper safety training; or
  • Violating OSHA regulations.

An employee who is injured on the job can file a workers’ compensation claim in order to receive benefits for injuries suffered, regardless of fault. 

Slip and Falls

Owners and managers of properties have a legal responsibility to ensure that visitors and guests are safe on the premises. When an owner or manager of a property fails to do so, the end result can be dangerous hazards on the premises. Many times slip and fall accidents are due to the property owner or manager’s failure to maintain their property such as:

  • Uneven floors;
  • Wet, icy, or slippery floors;
  • Cracks in sidewalks;
  • Neglecting to check for potential hazards;
  • Neglecting to correct known hazards; or
  • Failing to warn others about dangerous conditions. 

Dog Bites

While not every dog bite or attack is preventable, many of them are. Dog owners have a legal responsibility to train their animal and also take action to prevent attacks or bites. There are many steps that can be taken by dog owners to avoid bites, including:

  • Investing in training the dog not to bite;
  • Keeping the dog on a leash at all times;
  • Supervising the dog’s actions when around children and others;
  • Keeping the dog in an area that is fenced-in;
  • Knowing your dog’s temperament; and
  • Warning others to keep away when the dog is a danger.

Contact H&P Law

While accidents may happen, many victims are hurt because someone else failed to exercise reasonable care. If the at-fault party had, the accident would not have occurred. If you were involved in a Nevada car accident due to the careless actions of another person or company that could have been prevented, contact the personal injury lawyers at H&P Law. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries under Nevada law. Contact our Las Vegas or Henderson office to speak with one of our attorneys.

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