Pedestrian Deaths the Highest in 30 Years, Studies Show

Although the final numbers for pedestrian deaths in 2020 have not yet been determined because the year has not ended, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) notes that 2019 saw as many as 6,590 pedestrian deaths in the United States. This is a 5% increase from the year prior, and the highest number on record since 1988. The year 2020, however, is not proving to be much better. For this reason, Nevada’s “Zero Fatalities” program has launched a campaign, dubbed “Worst Year Ever,” in hopes of reminding Nevadans that the way they behave on the roads is under their control even if not much more has been this year. 

Keeping Everyone Safe

As of October, there have been 224 traffic-related deaths, which represents a 6% increase from 2019, according to the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety (“NOTS”). The campaign is focusing on the five most dangerous driving behaviors, according to recent crash data:

  • Driving while impaired;
  • Protection of passengers;
  • Motorcycle safety;
  • Pedestrian safety; and
  • Failure to obey the speed limit.

The above categories are being focused on for good reason. Across the state of Nevada, driving while impaired seems to be the leading cause of car accidents and traffic-related deaths in the state. In fact, 53% of all motor vehicle crashes in 2019 that resulted in a fatality had some type of impairment involved. According to preliminary data speed, on the other hand, is related to approximately 30% of traffic-related fatalities in Nevada. Death resulting from passengers failing to wear a safety restraint accounts for just under 30% of traffic deaths.

Statistics: Pedestrian Deaths

The numbers of pedestrian deaths are rising and may continue to do so despite nationwide lock-downs in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Research shows that:

  • 17% of all traffic-related deaths in 2019 were pedestrians, compared to 12% 10 years prior;
  • Pedestrian deaths have increased by 53% between 2009 and 2018;
  • Most pedestrian deaths happen on local roads, no where near intersections;
  • 76% of pedestrian fatalities happen at nighttime, compared to 20% during the daytime, and just 4% during dusk;
  • The number of pedestrians killed by passenger vehicles has increased 53% from 2009;
  • The number of pedestrians killed by SUVs has increased 81% when compared to 2009;

There are many reasons why the trend of pedestrian deaths is increasing at an alarming rate. According to the GHSA, the likely causes of this deadly trend includes:

  • Poor lighting;
  • Smartphone-related distractions;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • Increase of larger cars and SUVs on the road. 

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