Parking Lot Safety Tips: Still Needed?

Coronavirus safety concerns and resulting shutdowns have caused a significant boom in internet sales — not just during the holidays, but also year round. Indeed, it is likely that many American shoppers were relieved to know that not only could they avoid others during a pandemic, but they could also avoid any dangers that come with crowded parking lots. As Americans continue to venture out due to eased restrictions across the nations, shoppers will need to contend with congested parking lots and stores. 

Staying Safe

Below are some parking lot tips for you to follow when you are out and about.

  •  Do not get distracted: Being distracted behind the wheel is a recipe for an accident. Anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the task of operating a vehicle safely is considered a distraction. Be sure focus when driving in a parking lot, and park your car before talking or texting on your phone, programing a GPS system, using or checking social media, sending or receiving emails, taking photos, or watching videos;
  • Stay cautious: Do not let your guard down once you have entered a parking lot as there still may be dangers. Proceed carefully by driving slowly, staying in your lane, obeying all signs, avoiding cutting across lots or lines, using directional signs, and only parking in designated spots;
  • Be alert: Parking lots are not only full of parked and moving cars, but they are also often full of pedestrians — especially during high shopping seasons. Watch out for distracted adults, rambunctious teenagers, and small children by anticipating other driver’s actions, looking out for strollers and young children, and paying extra attention when backing out of a space;
  • Do not get robbed: Not only are car accidents possible in parking lots, but shoppers are also at an increased risk of theft. There are many safety tips you can follow including purposefully parking closer to the store entrance, locking up all your car’s doors and trunk, keeping any purchases or items out of view, avoiding strangers, and having a plan to get back to your car.

Common Causes

Despite parking lots causing images of slow, stop-and-go parking, accidents happen more often than you think. Drivers may recklessness maneuver their cars at high speeds putting pedestrians at significant risk. The common causes of parking lot accidents and resulting injuries include:

  • Drivers in larger vehicles trying to park in a small space, damaging other cars;
  • One or more pedestrians being hit by a car;
  • Two drivers simultaneously reversing their vehicles, striking each other’s cars;
  • A passing vehicle being hit by a car due to another driver backing out of a parking spot too quickly;

Consider that nearly all parking lots in most areas in the country are considered private property, meaning that law enforcement officers do not have the same authority in these situations as they would if the crash happened on public streets. Moreover, officers may fail to respond to an accident in a parking lot. Drivers should still know that they can go to a local police station and request a report for the accident from authorities. 

Accident Attorneys

If your loved one has been involved in a parking lot accident, contact the lawyers at H&P Law. we will fight for the compensation you deserve. Schedule your initial consultation with an attorney at our Las Vegas or Henderson office today.

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