Nevada Summers and Water Safety

Injuries related to near drownings are real concerns for all, especially for those who have easy access to pools, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. While the warm summer months are great for being outdoors, especially with states across the nation lifting stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic, there is always a risk of accidents. Below is some information on water accidents and how you can protect your family this summer.

Statistics on Water Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 3,500 unintentional drownings, not associated with boating accidents, occurred between 2005 and 2014. This means that, on average, there are 10 water-related deaths per day in the United States. Statistics further show that:

  • An additional 332 people are killed in boating-related drowning accidents;
  • For every five people who pass away from drowning, four of the victims are age 15 or older;
  • For victims age 14 and under, five children receive emergency care for non-fatal submersion accidents for every one child who passes away from drowning;
  • More than half of the drowning victims who receive treatment in the ER require hospitalization or transfer for additional medical care.

Moreover, water submersion accidents that are non-fatal can still result in serious injuries for the drowning victim. These may include:

  • Short term memory issues;
  • Long term memory issues;
  • Impaired motor functioning; and
  • Permanent loss of motor functioning.

Risk Factors Contributing to Water Accidents

There are some factors that contribute to an increased risk of a water accident-related injury. 

  • Poor or No Swimming Skills: Not surprisingly, the most significant risk factor of drowning is the inability to swim. Across the nation, there are a number of children and adults who either do not have strong swimming skills or do not know how to swim at all. This can be particularly dangerous in a life-or-death situation within a body of water. 
  • Lack of Safety Barriers: For those who have pools in their backyards or other bodies of water nearby, it is critical to have some type of safety barrier in place to keep others safe. This is because, despite the best efforts of adults to watch children or others who cannot swim, it is still possible for someone to access a body of water and become injured when there are no safety barriers in place. The use of pool fences, fences surrounding nearby lakes, and automatic locking mechanisms can all help prevent water accidents. 
  • Lack of Supervision: Perhaps the most common cause of drownings is one that could easily be prevented — lack of supervision. Water submersion can occur in a matter of seconds for someone who cannot swim or is not a strong swimmer. Moreover, drownings can occur anywhere there is water — a swimming pool, lake, river, ocean, bathtub, or even bucket of water. Close supervision is critical in an environment with water, especially if there are young children around. 

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