Nevada Highway Deaths are on the Rise

Deaths on Nevada’s roadways are continuing to increase, and this trend has nothing to do with the pandemic, according to a news report by ABC Kolo 8. While the pandemic is slowly starting to become an issue of the past, as many as 141 people have been killed on Nevada’s roads in the first half of 2021. This number is a 30% increase over 2020. While many would dismiss the jump by linking it to a natural result of the end of lock downs across the country, they would be wrong. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol (“NHP”), traffic-related deaths in 2020 were higher than those in 2019. In other words, the increasing trend in deaths on the roadways predated the global pandemic. 

Accidents: By the Numbers

According to KOLO, during the pandemic traffic decreased on Northern Nevada’s roadways while traffic-related deaths increased in 2020. The Nevada Department of Transportation (“NDT”) reported that in 2020 traffic counts dropped — between 39 and 80% in some areas of the state such as Golden Valley, McCarran Boulevard, and Highway 50. During the same time period, however, there was an overall increase of traffic deaths in Nevada of 3.4% with Washoe County experiencing a 42% increase in fatalities. According to authorities, the three main reasons for this trend include driving under the influence, speeding, and failure to wear a seatbelt. A study revealed that Las Vegas ranked 144 out of 200 cities for safe drivers. This translates to Las Vegas drivers having a 21% higher chance of being involved in a car accident than the national average and are getting into an accident every eight years. The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety reported that other states across the nation experienced similar upward trends in traffic fatalities. 

Know Your Rights

If you are involved in a Nevada car accident, there are five things you must do according to state law. These included:

  • Stopping and exchanging insurance information with the other driver(s);
  • Move the vehicles out of traffic to a safe area;
  • Provide assistance to anyone who is hurt in the accident;
  • Notify law enforcement is someone is injured due to the crash;
  • Report the collision to the department of motor vehicles unless law enforcement already has done so.  

The above legal obligations apply to all kinds of accidents. This includes those involving motorcycles, cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Notably, individuals who flee the scene of an accident put themselves at risk of being charged in Nevada with the criminal offense of hit and run under Nevada Revised Statute (“NRS”) 484E.010.

Keep in mind that under Nevada law, there are certain time frames within which you must file a lawsuit for damages. This is known as the statute of limitations and is generally two years from the time of the accident. Failure to file a claim in court within this deadline precludes your ability to seek monetary compensation, with few exceptions. 

Work With Our Attorneys

Putting together the evidence needed to prove a personal injury case in Nevada’s courts can be complicated. Do not try to do this on your own. Instead, focus on healing from your injuries. The skilled and courtroom proven attorneys at H&P Law have experience handling accident cases. These lawyers fight for their clients and take a personalized, strategic, and aggressive approach to the cases. Call our Las Vegas or Henderson office today to schedule your initial consultation. 

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