Nevada Governor Involved in Recent Las Vegas Crash

Nevada Governor Sisolak was involved in a Las Vegas car accident on October 17, 2021. While no one was seriously hurt in the crash, both governor Sisolak and the other car’s driver were treated for minor injuries. The accident happened at the intersection just west of the Las Vegas Strip. According to law enforcement, governor Sisolak was cited for failure to yield to oncoming traffic and the other vehicle’s driver was cited for speeding. In fact, as a result of the collision governor Sisolak’s vehicle spun and went into nearby landscaping while the other vehicle also spun and crashed into a traffic pole, knocking the pole over.

Nevada’s Traffic Laws

Las Vegas is a large city and like most large cities, it has a complex network of roads. In order to keep traffic running smoothly and safely, the state of Nevada has created Chapter 484B of the Nevada Revised Statutes, referred to as “Rules of the Road.” NRS 484B lists the rules that are applicable to motor vehicles being driven within the state. The most basic rules regarding Nevada right of way specific to intersections include:

  • Obey traffic signs. Whether the sign indicates that you must stop, yield, or allow the right of way, you must follow traffic signs before proceeding through an intersection;
  • First come, first served. When there is no traffic sign or lights because the intersection is completely open, the vehicle that arrived first is given the right of way;
  • Car on the right wins. If two drivers arrive at the same time at an open intersection without traffic signals or signs, the vehicle on the right goes first and the vehicle on the left must yield to the other driver;
  • Left turners must yield. If you are making a left turn, you are required to yield to any cars that are coming from traffic heading toward you until you can safely make the turn.

Penalties for Violating Traffic Laws

There are several penalties for those driving on Nevada’s roads who refuse to obey traffic laws. Potential penalties for those violating Nevada’s “Rules of the Road” Under NRS 484 include:

  • Aggressive driving. This can include a range of behaviors behind the wheel that creates an unreasonably hazardous environment for others sharing the road. Charges typically occur when a driver commits two or more traffic violations within a distance of one mile. Aggressive driving is a misdemeanor crime, with up to six months of jail time and a monetary fine. 
  • Driving while under the influence. It is against the law to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Nevada. The legal blood alcohol level limit in Nevada is 0.08. Drunk drivers who are repeat offenders experience more serious penalties including license suspension, monetary fines, community serve, and jail time;
  • Driving beyond the speed limit. Not only is speeding against the law in Nevada, but it also increases the risk of being involved in a car accident. Injuries from an accident caused by speeding could result in major harm or even death. Penalties include monetary fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

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