Nevada Car Accident-Related Deaths Up in April

As many as 24 deaths were reported to have occurred on Nevada’s roads in April 2020, according to news reports citing the state’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). While the number of accident-related deaths are substantially similar from the same month in 2019, they are higher than the 14 reported for March of 2020. The number is particularly shocking considering that most states across the nation, including Nevada, were under stay-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Authorities at Nevada’s OTS reported that 87 deaths had occurred on Nevada’s roads as of May 2020. The state agency reported 88 deaths over the same period in 2019. In the first four months of 2020 there were 53 traffic-related fatalities in Clark County. This number is down from the 61 deaths reported between the months of January and April in 2019.

Common Injuries

The most common injuries resulting from car accidents include:

  • Whiplash: A common name for ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries that result from a car accident. This is because car accidents cause a victim’s body to move suddenly (and sometimes violently) and the trauma can strain muscles and other soft tissues despite not breaking bones;
  • Head injuries: Brain injuries can cause symptoms that appear immediately or some time after a car accident. These may include headaches, sleep problems, memory loss, motor skill issues, and other cognitive difficulties;
  • Scrapes and cuts: An injured car accident victim can suffer scrapes and cuts by getting hit with loose projectiles due to the impact, which can pose a risk for infection and other medical issues;
  • Broken bones: Whether it is the ribs, arms, legs, hips, shoulders or other bones these breaks often happen due to benign pushed forward, backward, or sideways as a result of the impact. These injuries are common in all types of car crashes;
  • Internal bleeding: This type of injury can be a particularly dangerous, even life-threatening, and injured victims should seek medical attention right away;
  • Herniated discs: This happens when one or more vertebrae in the spine shifts out of place or ruptures, causing significant pain and medical complications;
  • Psychological issues: Not all injuries from car accidents are physical; many victims suffer from mental health issues including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, and other issues;
  • Knee trauma: A car accident can cause the driver or front passenger’s knees to hit the dashboard, causing pain to knee caps and ligaments. Braces, crutches, or even surgery may be necessary to correct damage and rebuild the knees. These issues can cause difficulty walking and cause the injured victim to be a fall risk.

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