Most Common Las Vegas Motorcycle Injuries

If you are the unfortunate victim of a Las Vegas motorcycle accident, you are likely to be suffering from injuries and not know how to proceed. If you have been injured in such a situation, you should try to seek monetary compensation for the harm you have suffered. While your insurance company may help, their focus is often on profits and not paying out claims fairly — or at all. For this reason, an insurance company may provide a low-ball offer to settle your matter despite the validity of your claim.

Nevada Motorcycle Crash Statistics

According to traffic data, there have been four fatalities involving motorcycles in 2021 and five deaths in 2020 in Las Vegas. Over the past several years, however, more than 1,000 traffic accidents in the state of Nevada involved motorcycles. Of these traffic accidents, 172 caused just property damage, 822 resulted in physical harm, and 48 resulted in fatalities. When compared to passenger vehicle accidents, motorcycle crashes have a higher likelihood of causing serious injury and death. Specifically, 79% of motorcycle accidents resulted in serious injuries and 4.6% resulted in death. On the contrary, 37% of passenger vehicle collisions resulted in serious injuries and 0.25% were fatal.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), data revealed that the most incapacitating and deadly injuries that occur in a motorcycle crash happen when the front of the bike is the point of impact in the collision. The most common type of motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): When motorcyclists are involved in traffic accidents, they are at high risk of traumatic brain injury because there is no protective outer vehicle shell to absorb the force of the impact. Motorcyclists who do not wear helmets are at an even greater risk
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: When a motorcycle rider’s spinal cord is injured because of the impact of a crash, the end result could be paraplegia or even quadriplegia. Such catastrophic damage to the spinal cord can result in permanent disability for the victim’s lifetime.
  • Internal Injuries: Blunt force trauma experienced in a motorcycle accident can cause internal bleeding and damage to organs. This injury can occur when the victim experiences a blow from a hard object that does not break the skin, or from objects that do break the skin causing penetration trauma.
  • Fractures and Breaks: Arms, wrists, legs, ankles, feet and other body parts can be broken in a motorcycle accident either upon impact or when a biker tries to break a fall. 
  • Road Rashes: When a motorcycle rider’s body makes contact with the surface of the road during an accident, skin abrasions (referred to as “road rash”) often happen. These rashes can range from mild to serious and require immediate medical attention as they can succumb to infection and cause permanent scars.

How Our Las Vegas Accident Attorneys Can Help

After suffering injuries or the death of a loved one due to a Las Vegas motorcycle accident, it can be normal to feel overwhelmed by the expenses accrued and loss of income experienced. Because of these financial difficulties, it is critical to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to fight for the monetary compensation you deserve. The attorneys at H&P Law have years of experience representing accident victims in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Contact us today for our initial case evaluation with one of our experienced accident lawyers. 

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