Is it Legal for Dog Owners in Nevada to Walk Their Dog Without a Leash?

Walking a dog without a leash is a common practice, but it is important to know the laws in your state. Nevada dog owners may be wondering if it is legal to walk their pets without a leash. This question might also interest you if you are someone who was bitten by a dog that was not on a leash during the incident.

If you or your child was bitten by a dog walked by their owner without a leash, you might want to contact our attorneys at H&P Law for legal assistance. Our Las Vegas dog bite attorneys can help you hold the dog owner accountable for the injuries and damages you have suffered during the incident.

Leash Requirements in Nevada

Nevada does not have a state-wide leash law that applies to all cities and counties. That being said, many cities do require dogs to be leashed when out in public. For example, Las Vegas laws require owners to keep their dogs on a leash when out in public (the only exception is when they are at a dog park). It is also important to note that individual homeowners’ associations may have their own regulations regarding leashing pets.

The Dangers of Walking Your Dog Without a Leash

Even if it is technically legal for you to walk your dog off-leash in certain areas, there are still some inherent dangers associated with doing so:

  • The dog could get lost. For one thing, off-leash dogs can easily run away or get lost if they spot something interesting down the street or if another animal startles them.
  • The dog could encounter an aggressive animal. Additionally, an off-leash dog may come into contact with an aggressive animal and potentially cause harm or injury. This could result in liability issues for the owner if they’re found responsible for any damages caused by their pet’s actions.
  • The dog could bite another person. An off-leash dog could attack and bite another person, including a child, which could make the owner responsible for any injuries and damages caused by the dog’s actions.
  • The dog could wander onto someone else’s property. Also, off-leash dogs can unknowingly wander onto someone else’s property and cause damage—which could lead to legal action against the owner. 

The dangers of walking a dog without a leash may outweigh the benefits associated with it.

The One-Bite Rule in Nevada

In some states, the one-bite rule applies when determining whether or not an individual can sue for damages caused by a dog bite. Under this rule, if the owner of the dog had no prior knowledge that their pet was dangerous and capable of inflicting harm, they may not be held liable. This rule is based on the idea that an animal’s behavior is unpredictable and that owners cannot always be held responsible for their pet’s actions.

However, if the owner of the dog had previous knowledge that their pet was aggressive or prone to biting people, they may be held liable even if it is the first time that the animal has bitten someone. This is because they had prior knowledge of the animal’s tendencies and should have taken steps to prevent such an incident from occurring.

Note: Under Nevada law, a dog is considered “vicious” if kills or inflicts serious bodily injury upon a person without being provoked (NRS § 202.500).

Take Legal Action Against the Dog Owner

While it may be legal for some individuals in Nevada to walk their dogs without a leash, depending on local ordinances and homeowners’ association rules, there are still potential risks associated with doing so that should be considered before taking a dog outside off-leash. If you or your child was bitten by an off-leash dog in Las Vegas, our attorneys at H&P Law can help you pursue legal action against the dog owner. Schedule a free case evaluation by calling (702) 598-4529.

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