Injured While Riding a Bus in Nevada? You May Have a Claim

It does not matter whether you were on a private bus or a public bus, what matters is that you were injured when you were a passenger on the bus. It will be quite difficult for an insurance company to try to claim that you were partially at fault for the accident and your resulting injuries. The parties that may be held financially responsible for your harm may include the bus driver, another driver, or even both. 

Nevada’s Tort Claims Act

If the accident occurred on a public bus in Nevada and the crash was the fault of the bus driver, the law that governs the personal injury case is the Nevada Tort Claims Act. In such scenarios, an injured party will have to file a specific claim with either the City of Las Vegas or the Nevada State Board of Examiners, depending on the accident. This claim must be filed before a personal injury lawsuit can be initiated in court. Not surprisingly, filing a claim can be complicated and leaving out even a single piece of information can ruin it.

Nevada’s Statute of Limitations

It is important to understand that Nevada has a two-year statute of limitations for injuries suffered as a result of a car accident. A statute of limitation is the time frame during which a lawsuit must be filed in court for recovery of monetary compensation for injuries suffered. This deadline is particularly important when it comes to a claim under the Nevada Tort Claims Act. This is because an injured party may be compliant with notice requirements but could go beyond the statute of limitations while waiting for a decision on his or her claim. Should the two-year statute of limitation run out without the timely filing of a personal injury lawsuit, the injured party will be forever barred from seeking compensation. 

Other Unique Issues

When someone is hurt in a bus accident, the personal injury claim process is unlike that in other accident cases. In a typical car accident case, the at-fault driver’s insurance typically handles the claims resolution and negotiations. In a bus accident, however, the injured passengers may not have proper coverage to cover the damages resulting from the crash, the bus company may have certain legal immunities, and a third  party may be involved in the crash. Moreover, if a government entity is involved, there may be caps or limits on the amount of damages available and special requirements, depending on the city or county in which the accident occurred.

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