How Will Coronavirus Affect My Personal Injury Case?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused disruptions around the world and impacted the lives of millions, including Nevada residents. One of the ways in which this national emergency has affected people is by complicating legal cases, and personal injury claims are no exception to this.If you or someone you know has been hurt in Las Vegas or Henderson and has a valid personal injury claim, there are a number of ways in which the case could be affected during the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to know how to proceed at this point and what to realistically expect. Below we will explain how the pandemic may affect your Nevada personal injury case.

Seeking Medical Treatment

One unsurprising difficulty during the pandemic is limited access to medical treatment. This is happening because COVID-19 patients are a priority and non-emergency procedures and treatment have fallen to the wayside during the national emergency. Some types of treatments and procedures have been postponed until further notice. If you have been injured, however, it is critical for you to seek and receive medical treatment as soon as possible. This is because in order for your personal injury case to be in a position to result in monetary compensation, you need to receive treatment and be deemed by a physician as fully recovered from your injuries, also known as reaching “maximum medical improvement” (“MMI”). Getting in with a doctor is critical not just for your personal injury case, but for your physical recovery from your injuries. 

Settlement Negotiations

With delays in medical treatment for personal injury victims, and other coronavirus-related factors, settlement negotiations have also been impacted. Financial strain has increased for everyone — individuals, businesses, and insurance companies. This pressure can limit how much an insurance company is willing or able to pay out for a personal injury claim. Likewise, financial strain can also put more pressure on an injured plaintiff to accept an early settlement. While financial instability may make an insurance company’s initial offer tempting, the amount will likely increase if you are able to hold out for some time. Conversely, if the defendant in your Nevada personal injury lawsuit ends up filing for bankruptcy, you will likely be unable to recover any damages at all if you wait too long. 

Court Proceedings

If your personal injury case is in court, you should expect delays during coronavirus and even after the pandemic has been declared as over. This is because many courts across the United States, including those located in the state of Nevada, have had to limit in-court proceedings. This has caused delays in hearings and other phases of lawsuits. For this reason, it is important to remain patient. Each courthouse within Nevada has its own procedures in place during the pandemic, so be sure to check where your lawsuit was filed to determine how your personal injury case may be affected. Some courts are handling hearings remotely, while others are only taking hearings on an emergency basis. 

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