How to Lower Your Risk of a Nevada Car Accident

Last year 328 people were killed in Nevada car accidents, according to ZeroFatalities. No matter how safe a driver may try to be on a day-to-day basis, accidents do happen. All drivers can, however, take steps to help protect themselves and others. Below are some tips to help you lower the risk of a crash on Nevada’s roadways. 

Keep an eye on your speed

Speeding drivers are far too common on America’s roads, and Nevada is no exception to this trend. Indeed, speeding is a major cause of traffic-related fatalities among drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. According to research, nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths in Nevada are due to speeding. Speeding is so dangerous, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), because it influences the risk of accidents and injuries in the following ways:

  • The distance the car travels from the time the driver is aware of an emergency and reacts is increased;
  • The required distance needed for the vehicle to stop once the driver hits the brakes increases; and
  • The risk that a steering maneuver to evade a crash will result in loss of control of the vehicle is increased.

The best way to reduce your risk of being involved in a Nevada car accident is to be aware of your speed, drive at a reasonable and proper limit, and follow speed laws. Drivers should also consider the weather, conditions of the road, and the type and amount of traffic in addition to watching their speed.

Watch out for others on the road

All drivers should keep an eye out for others on the road and those that are nearby. In other words, drivers should watch out for pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other drivers. Motorists should be especially alert when driving in or around school zones and other areas where there are children. Pedestrian accidents happen after dark and at intersections, so these are other factors that drivers should consider.

Use your turn signals

Drivers should use their turn signals whenever necessary. Turn signals are important because they are a driver’s way of communicating with other drivers on the road and pedestrians. Using turn signals lets others know drivers’ intentions while on the roadway. Using a turn signal, and adjusting to another driver’s use of the signal, can help avoid a car accident. Nevada law requires the use of turn signals. Specifically, Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 484B.413 states that drivers must use turn signals continuously for no less than the last 100 feet (in a business or residential area) or 300 feet (in any other area) before changing the direction of the car.

Nevada Accident Attorneys

It is our hope that the above discussion helps you create great habits and lower your risk of getting involved in a Las Vegas, Nevada, car accident. One other important task that you must undertake if you are hurt in a crash is choosing a personal injury attorney. The experienced and skilled lawyers at H&P Law have fought for the rights of the injured in Nevada in and out of the courtroom. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. 

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