High School Student Killed in Northern Nevada Hit-and-Run Accident

On one late October morning in 2019, tragedy suddenly struck Northern Nevada. While most residents of Nevada were having breakfast or just starting their day, one Wooster High School student was tragically hit by a pick up truck while she was walking to her school in Reno. Even worse, the driver fled the scene of the accident making the scene a hit-and-run. Not surprisingly, the community was left in shock. 

Reno police spent days sorting through witness statements and evidence without concrete leads on the fatal hit-and-run accident. While there was surveillance footage showing the accident, there was no clear footage of the truck. Authorities had a general description of the vehicle and some unique features such as red running lights on the passenger side and a broken passenger-side headlight. A week after the tragedy, police received an anonymous tip and found the truck involved in the crash. As a result of the find, Reno police identified a person of interest who is still being sought by law enforcement.

Hit-and-Runs Across America

A hit-and-run accident is defined as a collision where at least one person involved flees the accident scene prior to (1) sharing contact or insurance information with other involved or (2) properly reporting the crash to law enforcement. Not surprisingly, hit-and-run accidents can be particularly difficult on victims because it is difficult to find the at-fault party and make him or her liable for harm caused. Moreover, the psychological and physical implications of a hit-and-run can be serious–often times the difference between survival and death of the victim. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), hit-and-run accidents in deaths in America are increasing. In the year 2015, there were approximately 737,000 hit-and-run accidents in the U.S. causing more than 2,000 deaths. In Northern Nevada, pedestrian deaths doubled between January 1 and July 31 of 2019.

Hit-and-Run Crashes

Even minor car accidents can cause major inconveniences to those involved. There many things to do including contacting law enforcement, gathering evidence, and filing insurance claims even when there are no injuries involved. A hit-and-run accident is even more difficult to handle because one party’s information is unavailable due to his or her fleeing the scene. If you are involved in a hit-and-run accident in Nevada or are a witness to one try to get as much information about the other driver as possible. This includes:

  • The vehicle’s license plate number;
  • The make, model, and color of the vehicle;
  • The time when the accident happened;
  • The location of the crash;
  • The direction where the fleeing vehicle was going;
  • A description of the damage to the other vehicle;
  • Statements and contact information of witnesses. 

Under no circumstances should you attempt to follow a driver who is fleeing from a hit-and-run accident. This is both dangerous because your car will likely be damaged and you may need immediate medical attention. Leaving could cause you trouble as it is against the law and could negatively impact evidence needed for a personal injury claim. Instead, leave catching the criminals up to Nevada law enforcement.

We can Help You

If you have suffered injuries due to a Nevada hit-and-run accident contact the attorneys at Matt Pfau Law Group. Our lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve so you can focus on your health. Do not try to handle this on your own. Contact us today to schedule your initial case evaluation. 

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