Four Reasons You Should Get Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, even if it was just a minor bump, it is essential to receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Often, people assume that they did not suffer any injuries because they do not feel physical pain right after the accident.

However, that is a mistake. There are many reasons why you should consider getting medical help after a car accident, even if you believe you were not hurt. If you were involved in an automobile accident, our Las Vegas traffic accident attorneys at H&P Law can explain the importance of getting medical treatment after the accident and ensure that your rights are protected.

Why You Should Seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident

Let’s discuss the top four reasons why you should seek medical treatment after a car accident.

1. Protect Your Health

Car accidents are traumatic experiences that can lead to several health issues, even if you do not experience any pain right away. For example, when your vehicle is involved in an accident, your body experiences sudden movements that can cause whiplash or muscle sprains, which might not cause pain initially.

Additionally, the adrenaline that your body produces after an accident can mask pain symptoms for several days. As a result, it is crucial to get a medical evaluation after an accident to rule out any hidden injuries.

2. Not All Injuries are Apparent Right Away

Not all injuries are apparent right after the accident; some can show up after a few days, weeks, or months. Some injuries, such as concussions, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, and soft tissue injuries, may take longer to manifest. Failing to get medical help can lead to more severe problems in the long run, which could be costlier to treat or may cause long-term disability.

3. Avoid Bogus Arguments from the Insurance Company

Insurance companies may argue that there is no link between the accident and your injury if you fail to seek medical treatment immediately. This is because, for the insurance company, the more time that passes before you seek medical attention, the weaker your claim becomes. Additionally, if the other party in the accident disputes the claim, it may become challenging to prove they were at fault if there is no medical record to back your claim up.

Note: Nevada law gives injured victims two years from the injury-causing event (e.g., car accident) to bring a personal injury lawsuit (NRS § 11.190).

4. Help You Establish Critical Evidence for Your Claim:

Getting a medical evaluation after a car accident helps establish critical evidence for your claim. Medical reports from your evaluation will provide a clear record of your injuries, which can be used as evidence when filing claims or suing the responsible party. Additionally, it helps to determine the compensation amount you deserve for damages such as medical expenses, property damages, or even loss of income. Medical records can also be used in the future if the injuries sustained following the accident cause long-term health issues.

Get Help From the Attorneys at H&P Law

Taking the necessary steps after a car accident is essential to protect your health, well-being, and legal rights. Even if you think you are fine after an accident, you should still seek medical help to avoid more severe health problems in the future. If you were involved in a car accident, our attorneys at H&P Law can assist you with filing your personal injury claim and fighting for the compensation you need. Call (702) 598-4529 for a free case evaluation. 

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