Getting a divorce is tragic. Hiring a divorce attorney doesn’t have to be.

Deciding whether to get a divorce is likely one of the most difficult decisions a person will ever have to make. If you find yourself in that position, or have already decided to dissolve your marriage, the more informed you are about your rights and options, the better off you’ll be. The attorneys at Pickard Parry Pfau have been helping couples get divorced in Las Vegas for years and can also help you through this difficult situation.

Every divorce is different, and we will approach every case with an individualized, custom approach. We will also help you navigate other legal issues that often come with divorce, including division of property and alimony.

Where children are involved, their needs are paramount, and the situation always requires diplomacy and often requires delicacy. We are dedicated to making sure that child custody, visitation, and child supportare all handled with the divorce proceeding and in a manner that ensures that the best interests of the children are met.

See our FAQ for family law for more information.

If you have questions about a family law matter, contact an attorney at Pickard Parry Pfau today for a consultation.