Defensive Driving Tips for Las Vegas Drivers

The number of traffic deaths in Las Vegas and the greater Nevada area continues to increase, according to reports from Nevada’s Department of Public Safety. Each year, approximately 300 people are killed in Nevada as a result of car accidents. According to the state’s Zero Fatalities campaign, there are several tips that drivers can adopt to prevent fatal crashes including:

  • Stopping at red lights;
  • Always wearing a seat belt;
  • Riding safely;
  • Always driving sober;
  • Watching out for others on the road;
  • Focusing on the roadway;
  • Being fit to get behind the wheel; and
  • Checking your speed compliance.

It is a common misconception that the increase in car accident injuries and deaths is due to out-of-state drivers visiting Nevada; the vast majority of traffic accident-related deaths in Nevada are caused by residents. Consequently, learning or improving on the skills needed for defensive driving will make you a safer motorist. This is because defensive driving decreases risky and reckless behavior behind the wheel and makes you more aware of others on the road who may be impaired.

Defensive Driving Explained

Driving defensively is a valuable strategy that will save time, money, and lives despite the conditions around you and the behavior of others on the road. Whether you are driving in Nevada or anywhere else around the country, defensive driving will help you safely navigate our roads and avoid negligent or reckless drivers as well as any dangerous hazards that you may encounter. Some defensive driving tips you should follow include:

  • Evaluate Your Circumstances: A major part of safe driving is constantly analyzing and being aware of your surroundings in order to properly evaluate your situation. This includes frequently scanning the road, not fixing your eyes on a single object, being aware of events outside of your vehicle, and looking far down the road while driving.
  • Anticipate Other Driver’s Actions: Never assume that other drivers will safely follow traffic laws or drive safely and instead always anticipate the behaviors of others. Doing so will allow you more time to react and avoid an accident if another driver makes a mistake on the road.
  • Always Stay Focused: Remaining focused when behind the wheel and not being distracted while driving can avoid accidents and save lives. Anything that takes your attention from driving and your eyes off the road is considered a distraction, including texting, eating or drinking, using the stereo, grooming, or even speaking with passengers while behind the wheel.
  • Always Stay Alert: Beyond staying focused, remaining alert while driving lets you react to any situation that you may face. Having a clear and sober mind as well as being well-rested are critical to staying alert while behind the wheel. Never drive after consuming drugs or alcohol, or being overly tired, as impaired driving is the leading cause of Nevada car accidents and accident-related deaths.

These are just some defensive driving tips you can implement to keep yourself, your loved ones, and others safe on Nevada’s roads and highways.

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