Deadly Fire in Reno Ends in Fatality

According to Channel 4 news reports, a deadly house fire happened in Reno, Nevada on Mariner Cove Drive. Local authorities reported that a woman lost her life as a result of the fire, which local firefighters responded to just after 2pm earlier this month.

The Accident

According to authorities, the fire started on the second floor of a home located on Mariner Cove Drive and occurred in the early afternoon. Fire rescue removed a 47-year-old woman from the second floor who was inside of the home at the time of the fire. She was immediately transported to Renown Medical Center for medical treatment for her injuries. Unfortunately, she died from her injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital. The incident remains under investigation by the authorities. 

Nevada Fire Injuries 

Each year fires across the United States have devastating effects on families. The potential material losses for families in fires can be significant and overwhelming. Many times families lose their possessions, homes and livelihoods. They are oftentimes forced to start over again. In several fire accident cases victims experience significant injuries due to faulty wiring, defective appliances, and other causes. Each year several people lose their lives in Nevada fires. Unfortunately, many of these fires are preventable. 

Types of Injuries

Serious burns from fire accidents can have long-lasting and devastating consequences for injured victims. There are several types and causes of burns. The most common burns are thermal burns, which are caused by exposure to heat such as steam or liquids, touching hot surfaces, or being burned by a flame. If a car accident results in a fire, burn injuries are often part of a victim’s injuries. Other causes of burn injuries include those caused by corrosive chemicals or high voltage electric shocks. Burn injuries are typically placed into tiers of severity:

  • First-degree burn: This is a mild injury that typically is on the surface of the skin and does not lead to long-term harm;
  • Second-degree burn: These penetrate more deeply into the skin and can result in blistering or other painful issues; and
  • Third-degree burn: Injuries go through the entire skin, possibly damaging underlying tissue, resulting in serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Burn injuries are further categorized based on the location and the percentage of the coverage on the victim’s overall body. The larger the burn coverage and the higher the degree, the more serious the injuries. 

Damages Available

Nevada burn injury victims may be entitled to monetary compensation for harm suffered. This includes payment for:

  • Doctors bills for treatment and other expenses;
  • Lost past and future wages due to the injuries;
  • Pain and suffering; and/or 
  • Wrongful death damages.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the behavior of the defendant, a Nevada burn victim may be entitled to punitive damages. Even if a Nevada burn victim was partially at fault for the accident that caused the injuries, he or she may still be entitled to monetary compensation under the state’s comparative negligence laws. If the burn victim is found to be more at fault than the defendant, however, no damages will be paid.

If you have been involved in a Nevada burn accident, the experienced personal injury lawyers at H&P Law can help you. Contact our Las Vegas or Henderson office today to schedule your initial case evaluation. 

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