Cycling Accidents in Nevada

When bicycle riders are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle and personal injury results, the victims may feel compelled to pursue legal action against the driver. To achieve this goal, many accident victims choose to employ the services of a trusted local personal injury attorney.  Our legal professionals can help victims understand how to build a legitimate case to present to the judge and courts.

Our personal injury attorneys help victims understand the important role of negligence in the litigation process. To win a case and receive compensation for damages, plaintiffs must be able to show that the automobile driver was acting in a negligent manner in the events that led to the accident.

By developing a better understanding of bicycle safety laws and regulations in Nevada, cyclists will be better equipped to know how to share the road with cars. If cyclists are adhering to best practices in terms of safety and road sharing and an accident occurs, victims can be more confident that it was the other party who was at fault. Read on for what Nevada residents should know about bicycle safety in their state.

Should You Ride with Traffic or Against Traffic?

The Nevada Department of Transportation advises cyclists in the state to ride with traffic, not against it. When cyclists ride with the flow of traffic, their risk of personal injury is reduced in large part because of the predictable movement that automobile drivers will expect. By cycling in a predictable manner and avoiding erratic and spontaneous movements (e.g. swerving, cutting off drivers), your risk of injury due to accidents will be significantly lowered.

How Should Drivers Share the Road with Cyclists?

Nevada has produced a number of guidelines that help drivers understand how to behave when approaching a cyclist who is sharing the roadway with them. For example, Nevada requires drivers to move over in order to allow three feet of space between their vehicle and a cyclist they are approaching.  In addition, drivers are expected to move over one full lane when passing a cyclist on a multi-lane road.

Cycling at Night

For cyclists who choose to ride at nighttime, there are some requirements set out by Nevada state law of which they should be made aware. Required riding gear for nighttime cycling includes a white headlight, a red rear reflector light, and light reflectors on each side of the bicycle. By adhering to the legal safety requirements for nighttime riding, cyclists can greatly reduce the risk of personal injury while sharing the road with motor vehicles.

When to Contact an Attorney

When a cyclist incurs personal injury due to an accident with a motor vehicle, pursuing litigation to recover compensation for damages can be a challenge. A major component of successful litigation is the ability for the victim and their personal injury attorney to prove that the motor vehicle driver was behaving in a negligent manner and not obeying Nevada’s rules of the road with regards to cyclists.

For years, the attorneys at H&P Law have been helping accident victims in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada as they navigate this legal process. Contact H&P Law today to discuss your case and create a plan of action today.

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