Injured in a Crash?


Did you know that Nevada law requires the at-fault driver to pay for your injuries?

Don’t go it alone. Have a lawyer do the heavy lifting for you. We provide the following services to car crash victims:

  • We communicate with insurance carriers
  • We gather medical records
  • We order police reports
  • We take witness statements
  • We negotiate medical bill reductions
  • We make sure the medical bills get paid
  • We negotiate settlements

In other words, we do it all so you can focus on getting treated and getting better.

You’re the victim, so IT’S ALL FREE TO YOU. We even pay all case-related costs:

  • Medical records (they can cost $0.60/page)
  • Private investigator fees ($100+)
  • Court filing fees ($270+)
  • Deposition fees ($250+)
  • Expert fees ($2,500+)
  • Process service fees ($50+)
  • Etc.

And we don’t charge you anything. Our fees and costs are paid for by the at-fault driver’s insurance company or not at all.

Contact the attorneys at H&P Law to help you wade through these and other complex issues associated with pursuing a personal injury claim in Las Vegas or Henderson.