Crash and Road Improvements Coming to Las Vegas, Nevada

Southern Nevada’s Regional Transit Commission (“RTC”) authorized work zones throughout parts of the city of Las Vegas earlier this year. The maintenance and building of the state’s infrastructure is critical, but the RTC is similarly concerned about the safety and other impacts work zones may have on day-to-day traffic. In past years, the RTC has used fixed cameras and traffic sensors to monitor traffic flow. Most recently, however, RTC has joined forces with NEXAR, a dashcam technology company, to use its CityStream Platform, which provides real-time footage of the traffic patterns in Las Vegas. This includes changes in road quality, road signs, and work zone patterns. It is RTC’s hope that the real-time data from the CityStream Platform will help it more accurately pinpoint traffic areas within the city with issues.

U.S. 50 Gets New Traffic Signals

The Nevada Department of Transportation (“NDOT”) is working on increasing the amount of traffic signals on U.S. 50, in addition to installing technology on the state’s highways. According to traffic studies, it is projected that within the next 15 years traffic entering onto the highway will increase more than 150%. It is hoped that new traffic signals can help counteract the increased risk of vehicle crashes by as much as 40% due to the predicted uptick in traffic. According to the NDOT, the main way it hopes to fight increased traffic is by adding additional turn options between sidestreets and the highways, adding four-way signals, as well as creating a connecting road between I-80 and U.S. 50. For this reason, drivers traveling on U.S. 50 need to keep a lookout for construction–particularly during night time. The NDOT recommends that motorists drive slowly, yield to oncoming traffic, follow traffic guidance from construction workers, and obey road signs and postings. Speed in construction zones should be reduced and drivers should remain alert for workers, construction vehicles, machinery, and any other obstruction or closure in their path. 

Nevada Traffic Safety Tips

It is important for Nevadans to remember that traffic safety should be a priority, whether or not construction is happening on the roadway. Important things to keep in mind and safety tips to follow include:

  • Always wear a seat belt;
  • Stay calm when driving;
  • Avoid distracted driving;
  • Drive the speed limit;
  • Keep an eye out for bad weather;
  • Use turn signals;
  • Respect yellow lights;
  • Never drive under the influence;
  • Yield to the right of way;
  • Practice proper vehicle maintenance;
  • Know where you are going;
  • Use headlights when necessary;
  • Share the road;
  • Be sure to come to a complete stop.

The above are just some tips that all drivers should follow when driving on Nevada’s roads. While these may not, in and of themselves, keep you from being involved in a Nevada car accident it will likely lower your risk of a collision. 

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