Common Types of Nevada Parking Lot Accidents

Did you know that parking lots can be hotbeds for car accidents? They can see even more accidents than your local roads or highways. One of the main reasons for this trend is that drivers tend to be more distracted when inside a parking lot. This fact is backed up by research conducted by the National Safety Council (NSC), which found that as many as 66% of drivers across the country reported that they make phone calls when driving through a parking lot. Below we will discuss the most common types of parking lot accidents.

Types of Parking Lot Accidents

There are several types of parking lot accidents, but the most common are included below, as well as the likelihood of which party is at fault for the collision:

  • Backing Out. When two drivers pull out of their spot at the same time and hit one another, this is a backing out accident. Because in such a scenario both drivers are responsible for making sure they are clear before backing out, neither driver has the right of way and both are likely at fault. Another version of this accident is when a driver backs out of a parking space and hits a car that is driving past. Because the driver in the traffic lane has the right of way, the driver backing out is required to yield before pulling out;
  • Pulling Forward. A driver may exit out of a parking space pulling forward — not backing out — and hit a vehicle in the traffic lane. Just like above, the driver in the traffic lane has the right of way and the car pulling out must yield before driving;
  • Fighting Over One Spot. When two cars are trying to pull into the same parking spot at the same time, the vehicles can collide. In this case, both drivers may share some fault. That being said, the speed of the cars, the points of impact, and how far each vehicle was in the parking spot will ultimately determine fault;
  • Rear-end Collision. Some parking lots are large enough that they have stop signs throughout. When one vehicle rear-ends another vehicle that is stopped, it is likely that the driver who hit the car in front of them is at fault. No matter where you are, drivers are expected to leave a safe amount of distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them.

While sometimes fault is obvious in a parking lot accident, liability is not always so clear. 

Contact a Nevada Lawyer

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