Avoiding Roll Over Accidents in Nevada

Last December, a rollover accident on Interstate 15 when a driver failed to navigate the curve of an offramp, resulted in her tragic death. According to news reports, the driver’s vehicle rolled over after the curve and she was ejected from the driver’s seat. Oftentimes, rollover accidents are fatal. That being said, rollover accidents are often avoidable. Below we will discuss tips you can use to avoid getting into a Las Vegas rollover accident on your own or with your loved ones. 

Tips to Avoid Rollover Accidents

There are several ways you can try to avoid a Las Vegas rollover accident. 

Carefully Choose Your Vehicle: It is important to know that any type of car can actually rollover, however, some types of cars are more prone to rollovers when involved in a single-car accident. Specifically, these susceptible vehicles are often narrower and taller with higher centers of gravity. These models of cars include sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks, and vans.

Keep Your Tires Maintained: It is no surprise that your vehicle’s tires play a critical role in the safety of your vehicle (and the people in the car). Your chances of a rollover accident increase if you lose control of the car when your tires are not maintained properly. Proper maintenance of tires includes regular inspections, proper tire pressure, regular tire balance and alignment, and appropriate tire tread, correct tire size, and replacement of tires when needed.

Always Drive Sober: Nearly 50% of all rollover accidents involve an impaired driver. It is important to know that driving under the influence (DUI) is more than just drinking and driving. A driver can be impaired from using illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or even due to lack of sleep. There are many safe alternatives to getting behind the wheel while impaired including calling a friend, using rideshare, hailing a cab, staying where you are overnight, and walking. 

Stay Within Posted Speed Limits: Speeding, like driving while impaired, is a contributing factor to causing rollover accidents. Studies show that many deadly rollover accidents were the result of speeding. If you are driving in an area where the posted speed limit is above 55 MPH, you should be particularly careful. 

Wear Your Seatbelt: While it is true that wearing a seatbelt will not help you avoid a rollover accident, using one is the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a crash. Buckling up reduces the risk of a serious injury or even death by as much as 50%. According to Nevada’s Department of Transportation (NDOT), 22% of the state’s crash-related deaths were victims who were not wearing seatbelts. Making sure passengers are properly secured, including those in car seats, is critical in saving lives. 

Nevada Rollover Accident Attorneys

The above discussion may help you avoid a Las Vegas rollover accident and keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the road. If you or someone you know has been hurt in Nevada, contact the personal injury lawyers at H&P Law. Our attorneys work aggressively to protect the rights of the injured across Nevada and fight for maximum compensation. We will do the same for you. Contact us today.

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